Ooooo I can test in 7 days

Any one else due to test next week?


  • I am not, but I wanted to say how exciting and that I wish you the best of luck, How have you been feeling honey?

    k xx

  • Im not to bad thanks hun. How about you?

    I have a bit of couldnt care less attitude.

    Get H2B spermies results on thursday and I have to go for a 21 day blood test on 17th of this month.

    At least I feel like something is happening now!
  • It's good to feel like that sometimes as this whole baby making lark can really take over. I am so pleased i am feeling so relaxed about it. I really hope I am like this still though on my two weeks wait i bet i am not.

    Good luck with the tests though I know you will be just fine image

    I had ewcm for the first time ever yesterday and still have it today so nothing can break my mood, I am really happy today

    k xx

  • Your so right hun. All this ttc business can take over. You take a look at the calendar and see your due to OV and its like the brain automatically says "gotta have sex, gotta have sex, gotta have sex" lol.

    Hey, well the EWCM sounds promising that your OV'ing this month hun.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • I know it makes me think the last two months i might not have ben oving at all?

    I know what you mean, I was away for three days so felt relaxed came home and had great sex with hubby and it was just for us you know and then last night i thought we should do it again having the ewcm for the first time but this time it felt like it was just for a baby and we were not that relaxed so I need to try and make it more fun I guess.

    K xx

  • hiya. im also testing next week. mon/tues. good luck hope you get you bfp. it good that your relaing about it. i feel same but im only in first month.xx
  • im due to test around the 23rd but dont know if i can wait that long though aint getting any symptoms this mth so dont know if thats a good sign or bad
  • Im keeping everything crossed for you, good luck xxxx
  • im not due till near the end of the month..have absolutly no symptoms so dont think this is the month for me...have never wanted to feel sick and have sore boobs this much before lol.
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