baby no 2

hi i am new, just wanted a bit of advice really we r trying again for another baby but i am really frighten after having such an awful first pregnancy. I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 28 weeks and then spent the rest of my pregnancy mostly in hospital, after getting through that i suffered with postnatal depression when keira was six months old. I am finally getting back on my feet and life is really good and my daughter is turning two next month. I really want a little brother or sister for keira but the thought of doing it again make me feel ill and so sacred, Any advice please? x


  • Oh, don't worry - Every pregnancy and birth is different... I am pregnant with my 2nd and its totally different from last time... I suffered from PND too and my dh wouldn't let me take medication, so I suffered big time...

    I am now expecting twins, I have mentioned to my hv about the PND and she will be keeping a close eye on me this time...

    Good luck with the ttc...

    Sara x
  • Hi,just wanted to say welcome! We're ttc our 2nd baby too.I had our 1st baby at 29 weeks due to me having pre eclampsia.He is a very fit and active 2 yr old now but i am very aprehensive about falling pregnant again. I know people say 2 pregnancies are never the same but you can't help the emotions that you go through thinking what if it happens again?My advice is take each day as it comes and cross the hurdles when you get to them,i may even take my own advice there lol!!
    Good luck with ttc,hopefully we'll be getting our BFP soon! x
  • thank you both for answering my concerns, it is easier to hear from mums who know how i feel.

    I think its just the thought of it doing it all again, i was pulled about so much the thought of just a midwife checking me makes me feel ill.

    I will take yr advice and take every day as it comes and i will make sure i also tell my hv about my postnatal depression so i can get the support i need.

    Will keep u posted and thanks again x
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