She Found ME 13days Late

The witch has finally found me she must of got snowed in :lol: :lol: :lol:

She is 13 days late and 13 BFN late and 8 superdrug test late image image image


Never been so happy to see the old witch :lol:

OK ladys the key is STRESS

Yesterday i was thinking about the things on my mind and there was only one sound silly but all it was, was that the council tax money was ontop my my TV and hadnt been paid. I didnt have the money till late and havet had chance to get it payed also i had been stressing we haddnt put up enough to cover it........ Well i phoned them and we had way enough to cover it and still had enought to treat us to dinner image
It might sound a silly thing and i wasnt that stressed about it but it was on my mind. Yesterday i went out and payed it.............. Today I get pains in my lower back and in the last hour i get AF pains and just been loo and there she was waiting for me
Even if you think it silly and dont matter or thats its not really a prob and could be sorted it could be worrying you more that you think............

OK now i can go get on with month 17 getting OPK's and going to get a BFP and i WILL HAVE that October BABY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love a really happy Gembags xxxxxxxx


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