Advice re: ovulation

Hi, I came off the pill at the start of November. My first cycle was 55 days! My second was 50! and I am now on CD2 of my third cycle. I know that with a normal 28 (or there abouts) cycle you are suppost to ovulate half way through but as my cycle is not settled is the same true for me?
Or shall I just presume the I will be 28 days ( although prob not!) and BD every other day from CD13 onwards?
Hope that makes sense. Would ovulation sticks be better?
Any advice really appreciated!
This will be our first "proper" month of TTC!

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  • Hi

    I have mad irregular cycles & id recommend OPKs & the saliva ov test
    least then you know when you've to really go for it!! I usd the cheapy OPK's from ebay & they worked fine.

    Good luck!!
  • hi i have been reading up on this as my own cycle are very short. 26 days last month and a measly 22 this month!!! but you should ov 14 days before your period is due. since we both have no idea at the minute when period is due though this doenst really help much. im just going to see what happens over the next couple of cycles as im only of the pill beginning of jan and if still confused will start OPKs.
  • right i have ordered some cheap ovulation sticks from amazon and will be checking everyday from day 13! Never heard of saliva test ovulation tests. I am on CD2 what are you two on. I hate having mad cycles.
  • Hey MrsMel,

    I came off the pill at the beginning of October, and had cycles of 54 days and then 81 days! So I know exactly how you feel!! I am on CD14 at the moment, and am BDing at least every other day. I think it is the only way of making sure you do it at the right time! Although hopefully the OPKs will work for you.

    Good luck!

  • Get a CBFM - I finally found out when I ovulated this cycle - after trying with OPK's for 6 months. I have irregular cycles - and it was awful when it was a long one and I was hoping to get the BFP and just wasted the HPT's.
    I got mine from ebay for ??55 - for the peace of mind alone this month - it's been worth it. I'm having a long cycle - and I'd otherwise be starting to POAS this weekend. But now I know I only ov'd last weekend - I have another week to wait.

    Good luck & lots of baby Dust

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