i am still around ...xx

hi ladies, i dont think many of you know me now as most ladies i have chatted to over the past few months, i am pleased to say, now have there BFP'S.
Basically just letting people know i am still 'around', i am now on month 7 of ttc, and not sure what is going on with my cycle. Before ttc i was dead on 28 day cycle but now i seem to have longer ones.(last month 33 days) I am currently on day 14 but no sign of ov as yet ( been trying cheapie ov sticks) and still no ewcm which i usually get around now, OV has gone awol this month! Think the whole ttc thing is getting me down and affecting my cycle. Anyway, hope you are all having happy sex!! here's for lots of summer babies!!!
love and happiness
anna xxxx


  • Hi! Sorry to hear your cycles are playing up but stay positive hun - I had 24 day cycles as regular as clockwork, was 3 days late one month and got BFP the next....
  • Hope you get you BFP very soon and u dont have to stay in ttc much longer :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I have been having 28 days exact but last month i OV late day 18 and i had a 30 day cycle image
    This month i am going to get my BFP image
    Good Luck Hun xx


    Month 15 of ttc image
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