Early pregnancy cramping

Random question....what does it feel like?

No...still haven't got myself a test following my very strange and light AF this month, but I should get near a chemist at some point this evening :lol: Now have very weird cramps - but not like period cramps, more like the cramp you get if you do too many sit ups.

God knows, my body is being weird lately.


  • Hi,
    Im 7+2 and since 5 I have suffered from the odd cramp and twinge. I can only describe the cramps I had as similar to af pains. A very dull ache that doesnt last that long.
    Think its something to do with the stretching of the uterus and preperation for the baby. Could be a sign!!

    Good Luck with poas
  • Hi gemma118, did you get any af cramps before your positive pregnancy test?
  • Hi gemma118, did you get any af cramps before your positive pregnancy test?
  • ooohhh Gemsy... I was hoping when I read your post title that you had POAS and now had early pregnancy cramps... damn... I'm going to have to keep logging in to hear if you have your BFP. Definitely get to that chemist.
  • Hi Babym,
    No I didnt have any af cramps before getting my bfp. I really thought I had missed the boat again. I had only come off the pill on 4th Feb 08. It took 41 days for af to arrive (on 18th March) and then got my bfp on 22nd April so all happened quite quick.
    I was going to wait until after another 41 days to test so should have waited until 26th April really.
    Only tested as i was clearing up and found a test that had slipped behind some items in cupboard. I had no symptoms at all. No cramps, no sickness, no sore boobs, no nothing however everyone is different.
    How long have you been ttc?x
  • Morning Gemsy!!!! How are you doing hun? You done the POAS deed yet????? ....come on we are all bursting with excitment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxx
  • Hi Gemsy, we hate waiting on here. POAS please! Sending baby dust. xx
  • Right ladies, I didn't get home from work until 10pm last night so it didn't happen, but I have dispatched hubby to Boots today...I SHALL be POAS tonight, and am making sure I leave work on time at 5.30!
  • You've given us enough notice to get all excited for you all day!!

    Fingers crossed, and lots of baby dust, and please let us know!! xxx
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