FAO May 09 YAYW Brides :D

Hi all

Just seeking you all out again :lol:

Wanted to wish you all a very happy 1st Anniversary and to say sadly I wont be here to celebrate with you as i will be in Ibiza living it up ha ha (sorry MrsJC) for bragging image

What are your plans again? I havent got hubby a present he is having his ticket and liking it ha ha holiday cost enough :lol:

I dont think we are going to bother with cards every year I mean yes it would be lovely but hubby already has to remember to get birthday, valentines and xmas cards for me. He hates buying and giving cards totally not romantic at all but I love him just the way he is :lol:

I think we will just celebrate it every year as we always used to celebrate our getting together anniversary in November and it will be 9 years in Nov so we will celebrate that too.




  • Hi Sparkling Diamond,
    Its our 1st wedding ann next Sat, thinking of going out for a meal (pretty skint at the moment so cant afford much). Cant believe how quickly this year has flown by!!! My AF is due the day before our wedding ann and was really hoping that would be able to present hubby with a BFP on the morning of our anniversary, however at 10dpo I have started to get my usual tell tale signs that the witch is on her way so as this is cycle 12 I am now going over to lltc and am awaiting an appointment to see a fertility consultant image. I really thought we would have been pregnant by now. Feel quite sad but Ive had a wondeful first year of marriage with hubby. We will be getting cards but no pressies (just save those for the big anniversaries!!).

    Happy anniversary to everyone who got married in May 2009 xxx
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  • woohoo! managed to get to this on my phone. its not good its eating my battery away image . not used to doing it on a diddy screen :lol: MPP xxx
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  • Yaaay!!! Happy anniversary month!!

    3 weeks yesterday till ours!! So much has happened in the last year!! We have moved twice I quit my job, lo started school and my hubs business has gone from strength to strength!!

    Hope the next year brings more joy and happiness for us all!!

    strength to strength!!
  • MPP

    Gosh you must have been excited hun how many times he he!!!

    MrsJC aw sounds like youve had a lovely year ours not been so great unfortunately we have both been under alot of stress with work/ttc etc but putting it all behind us having a lovely holiday and going from strength to strength

  • I was june 09 ladies, our anniversary is 4 weeks today, just wanted to wish u all happy anniversary! X
  • g/c-hi girls enjoy ur first anns, flies by doesnt it, ours is 3 years on june 30th, i cannot believe it i want to do it all again! enjoy! xx
    sian 15+5
  • Im a june 09 bride too,but just wanted to wish you a happy anniversary. Fingercrossed for the next one there is a baby x
  • Our first anniversary is the 24th May.....we'll be celebrating in Portugal while visiting the inlaws and newly grandparents to be!!

    Congrats to you all and Happy Anniversary!! x
  • oh my god what has my phone done. sorry i will try and delete some. By the way how many times did i do it ? it took about 5 minutes to scroll to the bottom. hehe MPP xxx
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  • Happy anniversary to those celebrating!!

    It's been a funny old year!! Still find it shocking how fast it has come round!! God the stress I was going through this time last year!! I'd do it over again though in a heartbeat!! Lol

  • WHOOP WHOOP Happy Anniversary lovely ladies xx Hubby and I will be celebrating ours on the 23rd May in Florida! wohooo Cant wait!
    Its not been a great first year as was made redundant just before got married and then my uncle died 2 days after our wedding. Lets hope this will be a better year and will get a BFP xx image
  • hiya girlies, im may 2010 image getting married in 11 days! yay xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi SD 17 days til anniversary yayyyy !!!! i finally found you on BE ( i sound like a stalker lol!!) we're spending our anniversary at the hotel we had our reception (wedding present from my sister!!!) i can't believe how fast the last year has gone. Have a great holiday xx
    probably catch up on FB soon xx

    ps it's Sharon fellow 30th may bride xx
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