the results are in.... was a BFN this morning :cry:

i sorta thought it might be, as i think its too early to test. i didnt think i'd be this upset about it tho.
i will be testing in a few days as i am SURE i am pg from my symptoms. just feel different and sure i can feel implantation.

feel pretty crappy now though and want my PMA back!!!! xx


  • I'm sorry it was a BFN, there's still time and as you say you've tested early. Try to wait for the day your period is due if you can... Good luck xx
  • Morning Livvy!

    Sorry you had a BFN this am! I tested too! Yes... I caved in! BFN for me too! But now I'm not testing until Sunday! I tested today as I recounted my DPO last night and today I'm 12DPO so though it would show.

    So are you gonna stick with me this time!? We can get our BFPs together on Sunday!


    L xxx
  • thanks,
    i am not sure when i am due though! thats the frustrating thing! my last cycle was 46 days and then i apparently ov'd on cd10 - so really unsure!!!! xx
  • Good luck for Sunday or sure the 'feeling' will be right, i didnt understand it until the Dr asked if i had it so that must stand for so much, also it prob was a bit early and your littke bean will be just getting settled in!!!

    x x x
  • hi mrsS - oh no, i cant believe you tested too!
    i am def with you for sunday testing, we will get our beautiful BFP's together image
    thanks homefairy, i am suprised (but happy) to hear that the 'feeling' does count for something, i thought i was going mad!
    I am just certain i am, i am sure i can feel the little bean rummaging around in there!!! xx
  • Ok, so let's get that PMA back! Whispering that I had awful af cramps this am! But those were implantation cramps!!

    That little bean will show soon... Don't you worry!

    L xxx
  • Sorry to hear that hun, I tested today too and got BFN but as you said there is still hope I sapose, it's not over until the witch appears! xx
  • sorry to hear of the BFN's huni and MrsS. its gutting to see - especially at 5am and then having to crawl back into bed!
    my pma is coming back slowly (thanks mrsS!) and i an detemined to see that BFP in the next few days *fingers crossed so hard*
    i just cant think of any other reason for such painful cramps! (apart from AF, but i've had them for so long!) xxxx
  • hi girls im 4 days late and still negative never later normally had a small bleed on the tissue last night lots of pain the last few days and tired ness fingers crossed for us all
  • hi sarah, good luck, when are you next testing?!
    its so frustrating isnt it?! xx
  • So sorry Livvy

    I caved too! BFN for me as well!! Boooooo!!

  • oh no charlie_chalk!!!! i cant believe all of us caved in! haha, its quite funny in a way! sorry to hear it was a BFN tho.
    when are you next testing? have you still got symptoms?! xx
  • How strange i caved this morning too and i too got a BFN.....going to wait till AF due now....its just soo hard to wait! Fingers crossed for everyone for BFP xxxx
  • Hi LivvyS, I did exactly the same but I did test at 9 & 10dpo, way too early.. I am going to hold out until Monday, my af due date as getting another BFN would be so demoralising.
    Im sure I got an implant bleed and my bbs are so sore at night time at the moment when I am trying to get comfy...I dont get this with af but getting dull pulling sensations and lots of wet cm this morning so who knows really? Good luck...when are you all going to test again? xx
  • haha, i cant believe how many people tested this morning! just so sorry they were all BFN's.
    faye - when are you testing again/when's af due?
    mrslolly, i am testing again on sunday (was going to be monday, but mrsS has tempted me to make it sunday instead) ....its all her fault image

    just cant wait to see that second line on sunday morning...PMA, PMA!!!
  • :lol:

    Its all my fault!!! image

    We will see that 2nd line on Sunday!

    There are lots of us testing/ov'ing the same sort of time... We should keep this going monthly!

    L xxx
  • Livvys - im gonna wait till atleast next week as thats when AF should be here but as i have pcos doesn't always work like that! So im not always sure when af is due. But my last (which was my first af after comign off pill) was at roughly the right time so i have my fingers crossed!! xx
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