March TTC

Well as the AF witch got me today it's on to March TTC for us! Anyone else hoping for a BFP in March?

Wanabamama................ 14/3/10..... EDD 15th November
Trixy09.............................??/3/10.....EDD 17th November

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  • Aw sorry wanabamama, sending you lots of baby dust for next month image xx
  • Not ttc in March as we'd prefer not to have a December baby (my birthday is wayyyy to close to xmas!)
    good luck xxx
  • aw sorry she got you. I never thought about having a christmas pudding!! i dont know if we'd miss march out because of that..but then when you get your BFP then you can still say you are having a baby this year!!

    x x x
  • Hey
    Im hoping for a BFP in march!
  • hey guys, im hoping , praying, wishing for bfp this march i really wanted to be a 2010 mummy, and i only have two months to do it otherwise this year is out, and all myfriends are pregnant and due this year ... please god let this month be it XXXXX good luck to everyone else
  • Good Luck to you xxxx

    Lots and Lots of Baby dust coming your way image
  • Can I join you? I'm on CD3 and hoping for an early March BFP! x
  • am hoping for a late feb BFP, last cycle was 26 days so could be due again 28th feb image doesnt seem to far away :\)
  • Thanks for your replys girls!

    I'm going to hold off and test on the 14th which is mothering sunday .... now wouldn't it be nice to find out your going to be a mum on mothers day image

    Good luck everyone x
  • little wolf i didnt know you'd had a mc! So sorry hun xx

    If the witch gets me this weekend i will be joining you for a march bfp! x
  • ah little wolf im sorry i didn't know, hope you're ok. im with you Little Button but only just thought that March will be the last time to have a baby this year!! no pressure then, im 33 in December aaaggh
  • I don't know what to do!!

    On one hand, My bday is xmas eve and theres a million other bdays in december, which bring everyone a lot of stress for pressies and visits etc

    But on the other hand....

    I really want a BFP and to have a baby this year would be amazing. I don't know if I could let a month go by without giving it a go, it would be such a waste?!

    Think might just have to still try but not be too worried about it either way, and if it happens its obviously meant to be - look at me planning this out, like I could go a month without worrying or thinking about it!

    Yeh, gonna go for it!! xxxx
  • Hi All,
    Can I join you please. AF hasnt arrived just yet but I have all the usual signs that she is on her way image. Nevermind, onto to month 10 and hoping for a bfp in March. Would love to have a nov/dec baby.
    Wishing everyone lots of luck. xxxxxx
  • Little wolf sorry i didn't see your post before replying yesterday.... sorry to hear about your mc I hope you get a sticky bean soon x

    little button I hope the AF witch is a no show for you this weekend

    Lizzybuffe this is month 10 for us too... i feel your pain lol x But maybe just maybe Af will be a no show for you

    Broodykate, frillypink, amber156, goonie, beryl, kaiti b, babydust30, homefairy, rosemary20 and miss 88 I really hope you all get your BFP's very soon x
  • Can I join please? im CD5 today, using a CBFM for the first time this cycle too, so fingers crossed for a March BFP....I have a 28-30 day cycle at the moment, so will be testing 8th March when Im officially late!! lol. Good luck ladies xx
  • Thanks wanabamama, relax over the next few days and then fingers crossed for your Mothers Day bfp x
  • Hi ladies, I'm hoping for a March BFP too, though AF is being a b*tch at the minute, for the first time EVER I'm late, have done numerous tests and all BFN so guess I just have to sit tight and wait :roll: xx
  • Hi! I will be joining you all in TTC for the first time this month, although hoping for a BFP seems wildly optimistic for me as I only had my implant out yesterday :lol: However in the interests of PMA and maybe beginner's luck count me in, why not?!

    I am on what I suppose is CD1 at the moment (I think anyway!) I had some spotting / 'old' flow yesterday before the implant came out which normally happens the day or the day before AF starts, and sure enough I got full flow today. I did wonder whether having the implant out just as AF started would mean it would stop again, but no, it is in full swing (sorry, TMI!)

    Because AF started just before the implant came out, I don't really think I can count it as a 'proper' one and have no idea when I will ov / when to test if AF doesn't appear again! Am resisting ov sticks etc. just for now but will watch out for clues like EWCM etc. etc. and have UPSI every couple of days which will hopefully get me off to a good start!

    Good luck to all! xx
  • Looks like I'll be joining this post too - the witch got me this morning. At least she had the good grace to find me before the heartache of getting another BFN.

    I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever see a BFP. :cry:

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  • You will see it MrsRobertson....xx

    Im CD6 now, tested on my CBFM for the first time this morning and of course 'low fertility'...I hope it brings me all the luck and will probably show Ive been BDing at all the wrong times anyway lol!! xx
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