Changing Cycles....

welcome back and good luck x


  • Hey girls! I haven't been on for a while, as my OH and I have just 'been taking it easy'! I have not charted my temps or used an OPK, but been off the pill since January... I am trying to take it all in my stride and be very relaxed about the whole thing, but my cycles are kind of only just calming down, they appear to be 31 days long now. The trouble is I was on the pill for over 12 years (I have just turned 30) and I think I have really messed up my cycles.

    It's funny that since I turned 30 in June, my longing for a baby has doubled in strength!!

    Anyway, just having a bit of a moan and hoping soon my cycles start to become totally regular, so I know when I'm ovulatating. However, by all accounts, it appears that I should be ovulating either today or tomorrow, so we BDed early Sunday morning and we will do it this evening, should we do it again on Tuesday or not? Ahhhh, so many things to think of!!!

    Thanks guys xxxxx
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