BFP followed by BFN! Which is right?!

Hi! I am new to this site in terms of posting but it has been keeping me sane over the past 8 weeks! I came off the pill at the end of March and have not had a period since. I took a test 4 weeks ago and it was negative. I then had a bit of spotting two weeks ago which never made it to a full period, and then this was followed by all the pregnancy symptoms under the sun! So I took another test on Friday and after 2 mins it was negative so I threw it in the bin. I came back to it after noticing some real changes in my nipples and breasts that i am sure I am not imagining and there was a very thin line to make it a plus. It was very thin but not faint - it was clear. I assumed this was a BFP and jumped for joy and couldn't stop grinning even though I felt like [email protected]!! DH wanted me to do another one as it didn't change right away and took about a day to come to BFP so he said to make sure we should do it again. The first one I did was a clearblue but he went out and bought Boots own (cheaper!!). This test was BFN and still BFN after the day's wait so I have not done anything about booking a doctor's appointment. I feel better today but all weekend I have felt like I have had flu. I guess I will have to take another test - but any ideas as to when I should take it? Honestly, I don't know how we all stay sane! I went to the doc about three weeks ago and she said I had to wait 5 months with no period or no BFP before they would look into anything! Five months!! I'm going insane after just 2!!

Any help would be much appreciated - or any stories if anyone has had this and gone on to be either pregnant or not. Thank you!! xx


  • Sorry to say this as not what you want to hear but you should ignore any changes to a test after 10 mins! sorry!
    hope you get your BFP very soon

    d xx
  • Hi Sarah,
    Oh gosh i really know what you are going through with the lack of af!
    Regarding your 2 lines you need to be really careful because you should only read tests after the time limit it says on the packet as you can get evap lines which come after that time. Sorry to but a dampener on it but i think it might be a BFN, really hope i wrong as i'm no expert only experience from the girls on here.
    I've only just got my doc to take my lack of af seriously after 9 months of no af so hold on in there and be persistant with them. They'll listen eventually. I'm not ovulating but some girls get there af back naturally in time and i really know how frustrating it is so hold on in there. Have you tried Reflexology? It helps i think.
    Good luck hun. Sx
  • Thanks both of you. Although it's not the news I wanted to hear it makes things a bit clearer for me! I was so excited and then so confused so at least I know now that it's a fake result. I'll just have to wait for AF to make her appearance known! Hopefully it will come back in the next few months but if not I am going back to my GP for sure. I am also worried as my nipples are darker and have changed quite a lot in the last 2 weeks and I know if you're not pregnant that's the sign of a hormone imbalance which is worrying me too. The pill was great for me in the time I was on it but you do feel that it has messed with your body when you come off it.

    Thanks again and Slow, I hope you get your AF back soon too. I really feel for you as after just 2 months I feel that I am starting to go slightly crazy through worrying about it and it's like your life is on hold waiting. I'll let you know how I get on and keep me posted too.

    S xx
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