Question for OPK users?

Quick question for you lovely ladies! Anyone using OPKs this month? I am cycle day 14 today and yesterday and today got 2nd faint pink lines on stick, so def not positive. Today was darker than yesterday but just wanted to know if this is how it works? Do they get darker until you get a positive or is it just random? Getting a bit worried as I only have a 24 to 26 day cycle so my bean wouldn't even get a chance before AF came and took it!


  • I'm not really sure Gingerbean, but if you noticed any change in the line I would say that something is happening, so get down to business! I prefer the digital OPK's as there is less room for confusion. Good Luck hun! Am on CD14 myself (I think, or maybe 13) no positive on cbfm but bding anyway.
  • My understanding was the 2nd line had to be as dark or darker than the control line to be positive. I was getting nothing then vv faint lines til I ov'd on CD17 then had an as dark line on the sat and a darker line on the's my first month trying them so no expert hon but hth xx
  • Here GB my pic might help you:

    Usually it get's a little darker until it's as dark as the control line unless you catch it on the up or on the down turn.
  • I have no idea! But would love to know the answer. I do know that if you ov in a 12hr period let's say hypothetically at lunch and you test either side of that 12hrs e.g in the morn or eve then you can get a neg result even though you ovd?! Does that make sense? I got a strong dark line last month, but this month nothing. They did slowly get darker and then faint again. So confusing! Good luck!
  • Ooohh baby on board how organised are you! The one I got today was not quite as dark as the control but definately there, maybe tomorrow!
  • GB did you do the opk in the morning as your LH gets higher in the afternoons, maybe try it this evening again.

    The reason I did the picture was I knew how confused I felt by the sticks when I first started doing it and now I know exactly what to look for and thought it might help someone else! image
  • BOB - what time of day do you recommend? I'm finding the sticks very confusing this month and I don't think it helps that I am not using a regular time. Your advice would be greatfully appreciated.
  • Hi MrsEH I usually do mine between 2-6pm each day depending on when I can get to it! They say the LH rises in the afternoons. At one point, and you'll see in the picture, I was doing it twice a day as some people said you could miss the rise and fall of the LH if you didn't do it twice a day - I have never missed the rise and fall though just doing it once a day in the afternoons and I usually see a +ve opk for 2 or 3 days running.

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