Anti-depressants, TTC and Pregnancy

Hi ladies,

I'm a newbie here-we've just started trying for our first baby (literally since the 26th!) so we're very excited, apprehensive, all the usual emotions I would imagine.
Both of us are currently taking anti-depressants. I've been on Citalopram since October this year to help cope with some counseling I'd been having and hubby has been on his for the last 10 years but slowly weening himself off.

At the moment I feel ready to start weening myself off and it's my ultimate plan to be rid of them by the end of spring all going well, but I worry that they may impede our ability of conceive. Not just that, but if I were to fall pregnant the first time round that they may be harming my baby in the early stages.

Has anyone had any experiences of this and do you have any words of advice? My doctor (who I think is useless) has just said they would ween me off them gradually, yet the information that accompanies the pills says I shouldn't take them if I am pregnant or trying to conceive. ARGH-HELP!!!


  • Hi Velvet_Quilt - I haven't taken them myself but I have a friend who has taken them and doesn't see any issues with Citalopram and conceiving.

    Although, I suggest you try seeing another GP? Maybe they can suggest a more appropriate drug or atleast advise on how it could affect pregnancy.

    Sorry I cudn't be anymore help!! I hope it all goes well.
    Good luck
  • hi VQ and happy new year, congrats at TTC!

    I think Snuggle is right and that you should see another doctor to get a clearer picture of where you stand and what lies ahead. Hopfully it wont be too complicated and you will be getting that BFP soon.

    I say get it checked as a close friend is on antidepressants and she has been told she needs to come off them slowly then give time for them to come out of her system as they can harm the un born baby, i myself have felt down for a while and my doc said she couldnt give me anything like antdepressants as i was TTC.........

    i just think its better to be safe then sorry as they say.

    good luck xxxx
  • Thanks for your help Snuggle and LittleBug!

    I do find it very annoying that my doctor is so laid back about it all. I asked if I needed to come off them soon as we had already started trying and he said it was something they would do once I got pregnant (that is to say if I got pregnant this month) otherwise I am cutting down my dosage at the end of Jan. I've only been taking them since late October so I hope there won't be much in my system. I'm SOOOO excited though-I'm ovulating now and we've been trying every day since last week so I have a good feeling about it!!!

  • Hiya
    I would definately go to the doctors before you start TTC. Even if you feel the dr is useless, they are a professional and need to know if you are both trying. I have been on ADs myself and came off them 6months before TTC as I knew I needed to have them out of my system before trying. I also used the time to make sure I could cope without the ADs.

    Good luck
  • Thanks MrsAllen, I'm going to make an appointment to see another doctor next week, but in the meantime I have cut my medication down to half each day so I can start the process myself. I just wish the doctor could have told me to do this himself rather than having to take my own direction!!!

    In the meantime, was having really bad ovulation pains last night and we have BD'ed a LOT over the last few days-fingers crossed!!!!
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