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Advice please?!

Hi all,
We are on our first month of TTC after having my copper coil (non hormonal) removed during my last AF on 28th May. I ovulated around 15th this month and I usually start to show (AF - spotting) every 4th Wednesday and full flow by the Friday. I realise that I ovulate quite late giving me a relatively short LP, but I am now 12 DPO. Now, I have sore BBs, reduced appetite and had cramps at the start of the week, this made me think AF was on its way; however, we are now on Friday, and still no show. I dont know whether the spotting prior to full flow AF was due to the coil, but I have taken several (to say the least) pg tests and I would say they are bordering on negative - if I look really closely and study hard I can see a faint, thin line, however, this is within the 10minute time limit. Even got hubby to have a look this morning and he could see it but asked if it was there prior to me taking the test?! - it wasnt! The tests I have been using are the early ones from ebay - they test from 10iu/mls (sp?) I took the first one on Wednesday, and although they may be getting marginally darker, nothing significant.

I am meant to be going out with the girls tonight and said I would make some cocktails and everyone is up for having a LOT to drink. I dont know what to do now, as if I dont drink, or drink very little, they will ask questions and if AF arrives anyway, I will feel so foolish and regret not just "letting myself go" - what should I do?

This is all so confusing, I really didnt think I was getting stressed about it, but now I wonder if I have subconsciously managed to delay AF - any advice or wise words of wisdom would be very much appreciated!


One exasperated MrsS!!! :\?


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  • Can offer an opinion, not sure about the wise words of wisdom, lol! How about buying a different test? If you have a line, unless it's an evap line. It's usually a positive. But as it's taking so long, another test could be a good idea. I'm sure you used FMU, so if you buy a test today, you just need to not pee for about 4 hours, and drink little.

    CBD are a bit harsh to see the Not pregnant come up, but CB's and first response are supposed to be the most sensitive.

    Otherwise going out tomorrow, or not feeling a 100% (PMS?) are reasonable excuses to not drink. Shame you can't make yours a virgin cocktai, without them realising! lol

    Good luck, let us know! xx
  • Could you make cocktails with less alcohol in for yourself-though dont know why I'm suggesting this because I was pg( and didnt know until 4 days later )when I got VV drunk on cocktails and it didnt affect her. Dont think they start absorbing from you via the placenta until a bit later anyway. Think if it was me I'd still drink but cut down a little-except if your friends are pissed and you're not you're going to find them really annoying-LOL!!!!
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.

    Mithical - forgot to say that I tried a different test this morning after the early one with the same urine, nothing, zilch, nada! But then the sensitivity of the different brand was lower - 25miu or whatever its measured in, as opposed to 10....

    I think I will drink anyway, but as you say hjanea, I will cut down.

    Now, what cocktails to make???? Hmmmmm....

    Really wish I knew for sure one way or another tho, either AF or BFP, dont think I care which one now as its so blimmin frustrating!!!! (I dont really mean that!!!) :lol:

    Oh, and just to add to my misery, things have started to get rather uncomfortable down there (sorry - TMI) rather itchy but feeling quite dry, no discharge really so guess its not thrush?! Hope not anyway, thats the last thing I need!!!


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  • hi Mrs S, i would do as mithical said and get a clear blue digital test at least then it spells it out for you and you are not trying to read lines. i would feel the same about drinking as you if i didn`t know for sure xx
  • Ok, just had an idea! I have done my own "control" test by dipping a new test strip into water and monitoring it to check whether an evap line appears and if so, compare it against my other tests! I have kept the most recent tests i have done, I know you dont read the results after 10minutes, but the line was definately there prior to that time so I will compare the dried tests against my dried "control" test later. Hopefully that will help me distinguish for definate whether my results are just evap lines or something more!

  • lol, you scientist you!

    I guess with the ebay tests, that's why they say urine should be at room temperature?! xx
  • Does it really have to be at room temperature though? I use the ebay OPKs and never use room temp urine and still get my positives; also, I have used very similar ones at work before (on patients!) and have never waited for urine to cool down - no time for that!!! :lol:

    Have I been really dumb??? Would it make much difference?

  • I just wonder if that's why it can cause an evap line? I'm not sure on anything!! But it says on the packets of the ones I have to allow urine to reach room temp!

    I've only ever had a control line, so no idea if it makes a difference! It wouldn't if the hCG was high enough, I guess. xx

  • Alrighty then.....

    Control test number two commences in 2minutes (once the kettle has boiled :lolimage . In my next experiment, I will use warm water to gauge whether temperature affects evaporation lines....

    Hehehe, beats housework!!!!

  • he he! You are a definite science, in science vs art in nursing!

    Good luck! xx
  • Right, neither of the "control" tests have any kind of "test" line whatsoever, nothing!!! I have left them for an hour now and my tests have a definate line in comparison... but why are they still not showing a proper line at 12 DPO when Im 2 days late and they are early tests??? Hmm, I feel excited but keep telling myself to stop it as until I see a "proper" line that really does resemble the control line then it might not really be true?!

    Agghhhh, still frustrated but PMA has lifted.

  • Fingers crossed the witch stays away then! Test in another couple of days. xx
  • Im really worried now in case its a chemical pregnancy or something (if the test is truly positive) and that AF will still arrive sometime.....


  • Try not to over analyse, although it's hard. xx
  • Ok, just came off the phone to my GP and she says its quite likely that it is + but I need to do another test next week sometime but not over the weekend - apparently I need to wait until at the very least Monday!!!!! How can I refrain from POAS until then?!?!?

    So, as there is no definate answer at the moment I think I will have a couple of drinks tonight so that the girls dont notice and so I dont feel Im missing out, then I will slyly go on to soft drinks without them realising!!! (Hopefully...) Must remember to take tampons out with me though just in case...

    If I am to abstain from POAS over the weekend, then I think I will have to abstain from here too otherwise I feel the temptation will be too great!!

    So, have a lovely weekend ladies and I look forward to catching up with you on Monday - hopefully with news either way!!


  • MrsS, well, hope you can wait until Monday hun...enjoy the weekend and remember, it will be Monday before you know it....

    have a great one and looking forward to seeing that BFP post..image


  • OMG!!! Your little science project made me pmsl! :lol: And yet STILL you doubt it! image

    I think your gp is wrong tho, I dont think you should test on Monday. You should test on Tuesday with Nat and me! I think we have lost beanz, so we need a third Musketeer! (ha! listen to me! there is no way I would wait an extra day if I had a faint line! :lol: )

    Ooooh Im so excited for you! I just KNOW its going to be a bfp post from you! xxx

  • Hiya,
    Couldnt resist popping back on but I have very mixed feelings at the mo, I shall explain.

    Went out last night, only had 3 or 4 drinks, had a good night so thats cool. Started getting thrush symptoms yesterday too which I never normally suffer with?! Went shopping today with MIL and started getting quite bad cramps which went into my groin to start with, worse than they had been all this week (started last Sunday). Felt really emotional and really wanted to just cry, not because of the pain, just because, had to fight it though as MIL doesnt know anything. Left shopping early as MIL was concerned and took some paracetamol for the pain; went to the loo and had loads of thick, gloopy/creamy cm, then thought, bugger it, I will do another pg test. So, line ever so slightly darker/darker shadow and came up within about 2 mins but still just able to see it. Hubby agreed that it looked darker though. I felt shattered so went to bed for a couple of hours whilst OH and in laws went into town and when I got up, I had some brown/pink cm when I wiped. I took some more paracetamol and some codeine for the pain which is moving from side to side.I have put a sanitary towel on but there hasnt really been anything on it in the last 5 hours - just small amounts when I wipe.

    Anyway, not sure what all this means but I am disappointed as I dont think it can be anything positive - not when Im 3 days late?!?!! I think I will definately try and hold off testing now and will do it with you guys on Tuesday (although Im working a long day so will have to be very early!!!) if AF doesnt arrive in full flow - which I think could be very likely.

    Has any one else had this or known of this to happen?

    My main concern now is that my cycle will be messed up completely which is really crap as it was nice and regular :roll:

  • hello Mrs S1258, Im kind of in the same situation as you. My AF is due on Tuesday and over the last couple of days have been spotting - which is normal for me, this always happens just before my period - but today I had some cramps which was a bit odd as I never get these until I get my proper period. So I took a test and saw a very very very faint line, it was a cheapie test from the internet, my OH could see it too, but I have to hold it up to the light really to see it. I think Im going to do a proper test (like a branded one) on Monday, but may do another cheapie one tomorrow morning - I know I wont be able to help myself! At the moment Im 12dpo and to be honest like you I just would rather know either way really....
  • HeyMrsS, glad you had a good time on Friday night....the spotting could be implantation? Have you thought about that? I feel really excited for you a FR or CB test...


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