Hi all I started AF today as I never have a lot of CM I am going to talk EPO mine is 1000mg is that pk? Is that enough or to much?

K xx


  • I've been taking epo for the last 3 months, I started on 1000mg for two months and I read you need take up to 3000mg to increase cm so I did this month but only up to ov. I'll let you know friday if it's made any difference
    maxi xxx
  • I did not know there are ones out there that strong?? Do you think I should buy the stronger ones then?? I am really hoping it helps CM though it wont give me EWCM I am worried I wont have any again which means no baby!

    K xx
  • I just took three a day, with breakfast lunch and dinner, I bit irritating but i only did it for 14 days starting on cd1
  • So you think it would be ok for me to take three pills a day of this 1000mg?

    K x
  • I took the seven seas epo 1000mg and took it three times a day, but maybe it would be better to build up to that. Maybe you should start on 1000mg this month and see if your cm improves (or even better get your bfp) then go up to 2 pills a day and so on ?
    maxi xxx
  • Ok thank you very much I will stay on the 1000mg this month and then get the 3000mg next month.

    Thanks hun

    K xx
  • Sorry af found you K-lou. I started with 2000mg per day but this month have taken 3000 and have noticed a small difference. I used preseed this month and last and its very very slippery, especially when using a syring which is what I'm doing!!lol!!! Good luck for next month hun.xxx
  • Thanks hun it's ok part of me is really happy as I reall thought I would be waiting months for it to come back. My friend waited just over 6 months so at least this way we can start trying sooner.

    Do they actually sell 3000mg or did you take the three pills as well?

    K xx
  • No I take 3 pills. Tmi-it gives you more nose mucus as well-lol!!!!!!!
    After I'd posted on here I read your other post about being relieved af had arrived and totally understand, the pil makes such a mess of some people's cycle!!
  • I was worried about talking three as it says on the bottle take one a day do not exceed the dosage?? I have womens health tesco high strenght evening primrose oil 1000mg do you think I should just take three of these a day?

    K xx
  • I have been taking the superdrug ones and it suggests 1000mg as a normal dose but says you can take up to 3000 but not take whilst pregnant which is why you stop at ov. It must affect your hormones somehow as people with bad pmt and menopausal symptoms take it. I'd start on 1or 2 pills a day as less may be effective for you as you are quite young(well you look it!). I am 40 this year and I have much less mucus than I had in my 20s!
  • hee hee I am 26 image I will take one I think for this month I have never really had a lot of CM so we will see what happens but I am buying pre seed this month as well so I am hoping this will help us image

    K xx
  • Hiya CBL!!
    oh no sorry she found you, at least now you can concentrate on this month!!
    I used EPO this month for first time, not sure if it made any difference, I have exactly the same one as you (1000mg) but think next month Ill up it.

    How are you feeling today?

  • Hi k-lou. I used epo for the first time this month and just took 1 tablet of 1000mg. I definately noticed a difference and so would start with just 1000mg for the first month (works out cheaper too!) If you don't see any improvements then i'd up the dosage next month xx
    p.s. drinking more water around time of ov is also supposd to help.
  • I was wondering about this too. Think I might go straight to 3000 - hubby's swimmers need as much help as poss cos he had a vasectomy reversal last August so we can have a lo (sorry if tmi!!)
  • Thank you girlsimage I will stick with what I have and then go up if I need to image

    I heard drinking green tea just one cup a day can help as well as the drinking the water and also EPO. I am soooo excited about next month.

    K xx
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