Hi ladies,
Thought i'd take the plundge and introduce myself. I'm SLOW aka Sara and i have a little boy who is nearly six months. I loved being preg so much and the love i have for DS could be easier shared with another LO. I have PCOS so it took 2 years to concieve DS but i'm hoping this time is happens a little quicker. I've had my first natural AF nearly 4 weeks ago which is amazing so just gotta wait for the next one now so we can BD like mad and get LO a lil bro or sis!!
Looking forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks and months and hope we all move into 'due in' forum together.


  • welcome SLOW! good luck ttc, happy BDing lol we are TTC for our first, came off my pill on 28th jan, i hope it doesnt take us too long! xxxxx
  • welcome SLOW! good luck ttc, happy BDing lol we are TTC for our first, came off my pill on 28th jan, i hope it doesnt take us too long! xxxxx
  • Welcome to the site SLOW aka Sara :\)

    I am going to be TTC my first child May / June time. I am stopping my pill on 29th April.

    Good luck and lots of baby dust coming your way xx


  • welcome back slow,hope your not here so long next tune....been ttc nexrly 2 years now so i can relate to how your feeling lol x
  • Thanks girls, i been using this site since 07 and have a lovely big 'family' in the born in oct section but thought it would be nice to 'meet' some new girlies over here to. Aww grudie, thats not good. u had any tests done yet?
  • being nosy - but was really excited by your news. I have to say i have loved not ttc since having toby as it was abiot of a trauma - so take it easy and dont go buying anything stupid like spells from ebay (iu tried everything).

    Good luck and will keep an eye out for your bfp x
  • good luck hun fingers crossed for us all
  • Welcome back Sara. I remember you well.

    We started trying for number 2 just before our ds was 7 months.

    We're now on month 4...I hope this time you get an instant BFP image xx
  • I remember you too hun, welcome back. I'm TTC number 3 and in my third cycle after stopping BF. Fingers crossed thing happen quicker this time. I've heard having a baby can sometimes help improve PCOS. x x
  • Aww thanks ladies and hi to all those from first time round. Hope ur right Lisa Marie. Natural AF must been a good sign as to concieve DS i had to take pill to induce then have Clomid! image
  • Hi,
    welcome "back". my name is cha and i have a DD who is 8 months old so we are ttc number 2 aswell.

    sending u lots of baby dust

  • Aww cool, hey missy moo, baby dust to you to. Am i mad to be ttc when lo is only 6 months!!?
  • Hi SLOW.
    We are ttc #3 and this is our first month. My son is 10 and daughter is 10months next week.
    I HATE being pregnant as end up in hospital but I want a big family so it is worth it.

    Hope your not here too long and hopefully see you in DID xxx
  • Not mad at all! We started as soon as my periods came back..there's quite a few of us already trying for number 2 or 3 with babies under 1 image x
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