my lap and dye experience ...long post!

..well I did it! and I'm very proud of myself! ..sounds daft doesn't it?!

my apt was for 1pm yesterday and I arrived, as ever, 15 mins early...was whisked through to be admitted and left OH in the day room...
had blood pressure done, answered usual pre-op questions and had to have two blood tests (and I HATE blood tests....needed two nurses - one to prick me (!) and the other to hold my hand!..they ended up calling me the wimp in the corner of the ward!)

I then saw the anaesthetist and consultant's assistant (was a bit put out - I wanted to see THE man! but hey ho!) who both asked me very similar questions...but I guess they have to check and double check.

So, an hour later I went to sit with OH in the day room, and waited and waited...I was FOURTH on the afternoon list! ARGGH!
Finally at 4.15pm they came for me! (OH had got through half a book by this time and I'd read every mag there from 2003 - 2007!)

I walked to theatre (hospital gown paper knickers and all!) and answered a few more questions before being taken in. Jumped on the bed and seemed to have been descended on by 5 different theatre people all at once...after finally having the canula fitted (needle in hand for the anaesthetic...which wasn't easy...I DID say I didn't like needles!) hey put the oxygen mask on....and thats all i remember...someone then woke me up from my dream about my holidays! it was FAB!

apparantly I was very smiley when I woke up and had a coversation with a nurse about part exchanging cars!! after a bit of oxygen they took me back to the ward (where OH was STILL reading!)...turns out I must have told them (whilst going off to sleep that I hated the oxygen mask so they gave me the oxygen via a wire around my nose...very Holby City!

about an hour later I was up and walking to the loo - i was desperate and thankfully having a wee is one of the discharge criteria - so one tick in the box for me! Had a drink and about 2 hours later I was dressed and on way home!

I have two wounds which are stitched (dissolvable) and to be honest no pain either from them or the gas...and I was ready for that pain too - but nothing! slept randomly last night - woke up every two hours but now I feel fine...well as fine as you can be after an op and two blood tests! moving is the awkward thing but I'm taking it easy and catching up with the mags I haven't read for ages!

outcome? well, not as straighforward as they thought (which is why op took a but longer...usually only 15 mins) I have a damaged left tube - they dont know why - so it was a bit slow and releasing the dye (VERY blue!) and cysts outside my tubes to the back of them...right tube seems to be fine and released the dye as normal...they didn't mention PCOS (whcih beforehand they said I had) but to be honest I wasn't really awake enough to ask what I've now thought of!

So, OH is having another SA in 3 weeks (after being t-total for 3 months as requested) after that result comes back we're to make an apt to discuss options...if we're both poor (fertility wise!) they mentioned IVF amongst other things, but if OH ok they mentioned repairing left tube....hmmm not sure how or why - if my right is ok?! but this morning with mum I've written a list of questions for the consultant...he wont know whats hit him!!

So there you have it - its really nothing to worry about in my experience and I know some others have much more pain than me...but in my opinion try to keep as relaxed as possible and enjoy the dreams!!!! heehee!

Hope this helps a few of you and PMA PMA PMA, baby dust, baby dust!!
ps sorry for the long post!


  • Hi Bon,

    Glad your still feeling positive after your little operation / test. Did you go private for your test or is it NHS?

    I cant believe your OH has managed to stay t-total !! I think my OH would have a heart attack if I mentioned that LOL

    I hope all goes well, keep us posted
  • Hi Bon,

    Gosh, you sound sooooo positive!! It's really lovely to hear that! I hope that the consultant has answers to the trillions of questions you've now thought of and that you now get your bfp, whether in the conventional way or not!!

    Good luck poppet and keep up the tremendous PMA that you have! Inspirational!



  • Baby blaylock - lap and dye was NHS - the nurses on the day surgery unit were so lovely - i think that improved my experience.
    OH is great, he's not used to be being poorly/not on top form so I think he's struggling today - keeping himself busy and checkingon me every half an hour! I've sent him food shopping...the tennis is on and I'm getting no peace!! hahaha!
    T total wise he's not had an issue with it - it's helping him and he's just taken up runnign anyway - only problem is finding reasons to tell friends why he's not drinking - it's not that we're embarrassed, we just want to keep it to ourselves until we have something firm to tell people!

    Mrs Hopeful - to be honest I'm surprising myself how positive I am. My results yesterday dont sound great but until we see consultant face to face there's nothing I can worry about or do anything about it...just have to get on! In the meantime, until told otherwise (when recovered of course!)..we'll continue BD'ing !!!!

    good luck to you both xxxxx

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