8dpo and going a little bit crazy - anyone else?

Hi ladies,

I'm 8dpo today and SS-ing like mad, but then rationalising everything, dizzy because i'm tired, tired because i had a busy weekend, sore (.Y.) from bra, and so on.

According to FF I should test on the 15th, if AF hasn't sown by then, which is due anytime from next wednesday.

I keep looking at my chart on FF, and trying different "symptoms" to see if my Early pregnancy score goes up, i've really lost it this month!

Is anyone else driving themselves round the bend in this 2ww?

Good luck and babydust ladies!



  • Yep me! Lol. I've just been eating all day to keep myself occupied!
    I'm now 9dpo! Keep thinkin my boobs are sore but think that's cos I've been prodding them to see if they were sore!!! I have lots of cm and keep getting few twinges in my stomach, also have a pulling sensation were my c-sec scar is??? So wanna test tomorra but I know it will be too early and ill get a bfn! Arrrgggghh I'm cracking up!
    When are u testing?? Xxx
  • I've been getting loads of creamy cm too, but i remember 2 cycles ago i was getting this so not counting it too much...

    I'm going to try and hold off until the 14th, so that i have the weekend to get my head round whatever the result is. Expecting af to have shown before then though...
    PMA has taken a nose dive this week, but keep SS-ing anyway hehe.
  • Haha nic I've been poking my boobs today to see if they were sore!
    Oh dear we are a silly lot.
    After feeling hopeful this morning I think I've realised that my af is going to show next week, I feel defeated already!
    Oh well it will be onto month 3, maybe it will be third time lucky!
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