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Waiting for ovulation help needed

Hi all

I've been officially trying for 10 months since coming off the pill and in that time have only had 2 periods. I went to the doctor at 6 months who was frankly horrible, told me I was wasting his time and to come back after a year if I still haven't got regular periods.

So now I am 10 months and want to go and see another Doctor to see if they will run some tests but I'm scared they'll tell me to go away again. Is 10 months too soon to go to the Doctor or not?? I have been reading that lots of woman have been put on Clomid to regulate their periods and think this may be the way forward to me as the waiting games doesn't seem to be working! Anyone been through the same or have any advice about whether its too soon to see the Doctor and get some tests or about Clomid?

Any advice would be gratefully received as getting a little frustrated here. I just want my periods!!

Thanks in advance x


  • Go and see another Doctor definitely. Also purchase 'The Baby Making Bible' book by Emma Cannon. It helps prepare your body for TTC, even if there are problems, with a combination of exercises, diet, Chinese medicine and visualisations. x
  • Hi

    Have you tried acupunture as I have heard that it can help regulate your cycle etc. Some other complementary therapies may help i.e. acupressure, reflexology.

    Re; the doctor thing, I think they won't normally look into things until you have been trying for a year! You can always ask to see a different doctor if you don't like the one you saw. I have changed doctor because I didn't like him, he just didnt seem interested in what I was saying (not ttc related though).

    All the best x
  • Hi,
    Just wanted to say i've been off pill for 6 months, recently had blood work because i missed 2 periods so i think you should go back to see another doctor. Sounds like you were unlucky and had a totally unhelpful doctor.

    Good luck x
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