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My 2ww starts today(hopefully)-anyone else?

Had my fourth attempt at diy ai this afternoon as I feel like I am going to ov this evening-hope I do, although very nicely my donor has said that if I dont he can be available tomorrow or sunday for a topup!!
I do hope there is someone else starting their 2ww today or over the weekend so we can do it together.
Helen xx


  • Thanks Di, just posted on your thread. Can I just ask-how do lemons manage to taste more minging than they usually do??lol!!!xx
  • I'm working tomorrow then going for tea at my mums, she looks after lo whilst I work which means she has to be at my house at 6.30 am-shes really good to me. On sunday lo will probably go to her grandmas for a couple of hours and then if weather is ok we'll go to the cricket club,she can see her dad playing and I can catch up with friends. Have you any plans to try and stop thinking about those faint bfps?(dont think you will-I'm excited about them now!)
  • Hi I began my 2ww yesterday so fingers crossed for us all
    Hjanea - I read in other posts you live near Leeds - where abouts? I live in Cleckheaton

  • Hi I began my 2ww yesterday so fingers crossed for us all
    Hjanea - I read in other posts you live near Leeds - where abouts? I live in Cleckheaton

  • Sorry to hear about his job. Dont mind you being nosey!! I work 16 hours a week as a staff nurse so I get child tax credit and working tax credit . My lo goes to nursery 2 days a week which I pay about 30% of as rest I get included in the working tax credits. Lo's dad gives me a small amount monthly. I am very lucky that my parents paid off my mortgage years ago and I pay them back what I was paying(at that time) for a 40k interest only mortgage. I cant be extravagant like I was when I was on my own working full time(unfortunately I forget this some times!!)but we manage. Lo see her dad most days-he comes to see her after work which is a bit tying but it works ok and I get on reasonably well with his mum. I would struggle workwise if I didnt have my mum to help in a morning because my shifts start at 7am but 18 months ago my job was at risk and I found out that if I worked 16hours minimum wage the tax credits would make up my money so I would only be about ??40 a month worse off.
    I have other people who hve said they admire me but I dont really think theres anything to admire. I wasnt ever 'with' lo's dad it was just sex(awful to think of now-he turns my stomach!!lol) so we get on ok and I knew all through my pg that I was on my own so for me its the norm. It will be harder if/when I have another but lo will be at school before mat leave would end now so it shouldnt be too hard-lol!!
    A lot of people when I told them about the ai where like-go out and find a man just for a shag, but I dont think thats a fair or safe thing to do so I feel that the only option for another child is the route I have chosen.
    Bet you wished you'd not asked now!!!!!xx
  • Hi Mandy, I live in Otley-north west edge of Leeds. How nice to have someone fairly close to be on 2ww with. Good luck!!xx
  • Oh thankyou thats really nice. I hope that your bfp gets stronger next week, after the few months you've had you really deserve it. I wouldnt worry too much about the money-babies dont have to cost much if you get 2nd hand things and hopefully your h2b will grt another job soon. Everything crossed that your luck is going to improve!
    Helen xxxxx
  • Tons of luck and super lucky sticky babydust. Hope this is your month! x
  • O thankyou!xxx
  • hope your 2ww runs smoothly. Mine finishes on Sun I think so we'll soon see if we were successful!! Best of luck to you.
  • Thanks dg. Everything crossed for a bfp for you-here-catch this pma!!!xx
  • oooh good luck on your 2ww. i'll be sending you lots of pma and babydust xxxxxxx
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