I was just wondering if anyone have saved in advance for baby or wether you are just going to deal with the money side of things as you go along??



  • hiya, we have saved 1500 so far (and 400 a month up until birth) im not pg yet tho lol. but we wanted to have some savings, a. to buy baby stuff b. to cover the loss of wage so we can still pay bills etc when im off on maturnity for 1 yr. and c. just in case anything happens (touch wood) where we would need a bit of cash ie: so in total we should have a bit of money aside just mainly to cover bills etc xxxxxx
  • We been saving, hard! Although it's all gone on debts so far. We agreed that our debts needed to be dealt with first. Now they are and it's a great feeling!

    How about you? X
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  • Saving as I go. Only first month of ttc so no savings yet!

    I earn more than OH so I'm saving as much as i can to cover my side of bills.
    It kinda worked out that if I get pregnant now how much could I save for bills till baby born and how many months would that cover us.

    I'm an accountant so it's all on a spreadsheet lol!!

    Basically longer it takes more money I have saved! xxx
  • kinda same as me nicnol, lol im not an accountant but always adding things up etc hehe x
  • The accountant in me completely takes over!! The spreadsheet even works out expected due dates based on expecting conceiving dates (worked out on current CD's-which prob will change based on what's happening at the moment!) then carries on into money for 6/9/12 months mat leave lol!!!!

    Part of me wants to be preggers in about 3 months just so I'm a bit more financially secure but if that was the case i,e having enough money we'd never have a baby! Just means I wouldn't be able to spend money in Vegas! lol! x
  • With dd we purchased as we went along but I wish we saved up more. This time around since we have everything we pretty much need for a LO I only plan on buying maybe some blankets and if its a boy, boy clothes... Baby gear and other stuff is so expensive so don't want to do it again!

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  • we saved for our first but as we have most things we havent been saving specially for baby x
  • *blushes* nicnol i have done the same! haha how much money we would have if conceived then... and how much if then.... and then how much if we went to new york in between lmao. we r so sad!

    canockmom and piggypops im hoping that will happen to us second time round too! its our first, so major costs involved image its not even really the nursery stuff etc, its mainly just to cover bill swhen im off on mat leave, as i i smp for first 6 months, but i can take a whole yr, just wont get paid anything for the 2nd 6 months, so having to keep money aside for that really image
  • We are currently in the process of looking at everything we spend and where we can cut back etc. We already have a little bit put away but don't really want to touch that as we wanted to put it towards a house deposit when we decide to buy, although what we have at the moment is really enough for the places we would like to buy so hoping to put a bit more into that aswel as saving for baby.

    I currently work full time and so does OH but we just dont seem to have any money left after bills etc so we are both thinkin of trying to get some evening work (mad I know) . It would mean not seeing each other as much for a while and being exhausted all the time and struggling for a bit but I think it will be worth it if we can get a bit more money put aside for baby and house etc.

    Has anyone else done this? How did you find it?

  • Sorry I meant the money we have saved for a deposit is not really enough lol
  • Hiya, I dont have any savings, but have been working to pay off my debts - once they are paid off (which will be very soon hopefully) I will then open a savings account image xx
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