soz - me again another question for BBT folk!!!

hey girls, sorry but have loads of questions tonight!!
i have started charting my temp as of cd1 this mth to try and help me see if i have ov'd as don't think i have yet since coming off the pill, (doc agrees)
anyway my point is has anyone else got a really low body temp?
mine has been 36.33 for the past 3 days! is this normal, is it meant to be lower or higher first thing in the morning?? i thought it would be higher??


  • That is fine. Mine never goes above 37 until after ov. Have you printed off a good chart to keep track. I know of one if you need the website
  • thanks honey, but i got one from mymonthlycycles. it was actually the chart that made me think about it as it starts at 36, so i'm right down the bottom of it!
    how much should i expect my temp to rise by?
  • It just depends some months it goes up by .3 for me sometimes .4 but dont forget once it goes up you have already ov'd. Everyone is different though
  • Hi danipink, my temp seems really low too, I've only been checking it for the past 2 weeks (haven't ov'd yet) and its about 36.1 on average (lowest was 39.5!). I think its meant to be lower first thing in the morning, then gets higher throughout the day.

    Caroline xxx
  • mine is around 36.3 before ov then rises to about 36.7 at ov-

    record ur temp on its such a handy website-
    it tells u for def if u have ov'd by your chart- i didnt think i had last month cause my temp didnt rise that much but apparently i did!
    it can tell u things u dont realise urself.. it also lets u know ur peak fertile days etc!

    good luck!
  • hey hun this is my first time bbt charting and mine is around 36.3/4 each day as well. good luck xxx
  • thanks susanlee i think i will do that! then i don't need to keep printing off sheets at work and panicing incase someone else gets to the printer first!! lol!!
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