Starting Clomid soon.

ust an update on me...Hubby and I went to the fertility unit at the hospital and the doc said I have awful irregular periods (40-135 ish days), so he's giving me Clomid to get me ov-ing, first round in 3 months. He said it's quite unlikely I'll conceive on my own as I haven't ov-ed since July! Hubby has to have a semen test and I'm having my tubes checked with a HyCoSy procedure- dye put in the tubes- but have to take Provera first to induce AF. I can't quite believe it's going to be so hard for us and I have started to wonder how long this might take or even if it'll ever happen.
BUT trying to keep up the PMA, I'm successfully distracting myself by keeping busy- just booked some ice skating lessons and bought a shiny new pair of skates mmmmm, won't be able to do it once I'm pg so might as well make the most of things now! Also trying to appreciate lie-ins, shopping, nights out, having the odd drink etc.


  • that's great hun. must be nice to feel you're on the way to hopefully very successful ttc'ing!
  • Best of luck to you!
  • Cheers for your support girls :\)

    I have posted in ltttc/infertility a couple of times but not sure if I'm allowed in or belong there, as we haven't been trying for a year yet... my GP only referred me to the fertility unit because I am so irregular and have PCO. However by the time we start Clomid it will be nearly a year. By then we'll know more from the tests, which I am finding a bit scary tbh!
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