Boots offer - ovulation + free preg tests bogof

Bought some ov sticks/tests (First Response) and you get a free 6 day early preg test in the box and then the whole box (only 5 tests though) is buy one get one free. Thought this quite good offer. Bit scared as now have two preg tests in the house!!
Did the ov test today (am on day 15 of short cycle and thought had already ov, more ewcm than other days though) and was bit confused as line nearly as dark as test line but think that is still a negative. Then got excited for a bit as said if you are already preg may interfere with result but wishful thinking.
Anyhow think I would get the smiley face tests next time but still think was good value.
Rabbiting on now but any thoughts on ov kits?


  • I'm sooo confused about OV kits alltogether! We've never used them as 1st DS was a pleasant surprise. But think i might like to try OV kit just so I get to know my cycle properly. So will be interested to see your other replies... if I don't rush out to boots and but the FR offer you suggested! hehe
  • i used the smiley face tests when i was using ovultion test as could never know if i was reading the lines properly! using clearblue fertility monitor now which rekons it improves changes by 89%. good luck x
  • yes think smiley face the way to go as less wondering then. Will use these two boxes and then use smiley faces then (hmm hoping won't have to!!). Think that way may save hubby's sanity as he keeps saying - not again!! Thought you were ovulating Weds and I keep saying well now i think it's now!
  • could u tel me what the smiley faces ones r all about?? haha. n how much they r! thanx . x
  • could u tel me what the smiley faces ones r all about?? haha. n how much they r! thanx . x
  • Hi. I have been a fan of the smiley faces, never been able to read the others correctly! Unfortunately though the smiley faces are not working for me this time round (trying for 3rd child) Have used them for 5 months and have been ttc for 7. Thinking I may go with the expensive Clearblue Monitor next although hubby has said I should stop testing!!
  • Hi littlewolf.
    The smiley faces are not working because I'm not yet pregnant! I think they are great though, they have worked for me before, it's just taking longer than I thought it would this time and I am becoming impatient!
    I'm sorry to hear about your mc. I had one with my first pregnancy and concieved my son 6 weeks later, apparently that is very common as you are supposed to be more fertile, so hope you get a BFP soon.
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