waiting to test for once lol

hi ladies im not due til tue but have had very early periods for last few months and been on by now..... but for once i have not gone out and brought any tests and refuse to this month until im offically late i have no period pains yet.. good sign i hope... have been soooooo tearful but i am either way lol emotional person at best of times heehee......
and my boobs hurt like hell ... but i get that one way or other as well so only way im going no as each day passes with no sign of af a good sign fingers crossed this is our month ..... BABY DUST a sprinkling lol ................... swishes round the room with sprinkler heehee ......


  • Hi brammer its good to hear you are waiting hun

    My cycles range from 35-45 days so I have to wait a week beyond my longest cycle doc said to avoid any upset so am only on CD9 of a potential 45 day cycle am sure I will cave and test on CD46 lol

    Good luck


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  • it naff aint it why cant it just be bang we late we preg and near enough straight away instead of all this waiting..... naff our bodies heehee xx
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