2ww the longest wait ever! But . . .

i had a dot of blood last night, and i mean tiny im not due af till 14th may so im kinda hoping maybe implantation? Would this happen now if i ovulated over the weekend? God i hate waitin lol! Anyone else in the same boat as me so im not waiting alone! Good luck to us all! X x x


  • Hi Nic, i'm in pretty much exactly the same boat as i'm due af on the 14th as well.
    I'm really trying not to think about it too much this month though as i convinced myself i must be pregnant last month and was completed gutted at a BFN!! Countdown begins!! xx
  • hey hun, thats the same as me, last month was my first month ttc and i was obessed! This month iv been alot calmer and not thinkin about any signs until i saw that tiny bit of spottin yest, iv not had anymore since so dont reckon it was anythin, im just goin to let nature take its course and iv sworn to myself that i wont test early this month like i did last month! Hope we get our bfps hunni x x x
  • Yes, fingers crossed! I've tucked the tests to the back of my bathroom cabinet in the hope i'll forget about them until next Friday (fat chance!!) Good luck xxx
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