Tried Pre-seed for the first time last night and.......

it was hilarious!!!!! DH was asking what it was for, bless him, and I just explained that it was for those women who are ttc and running out of cm! Didn't let him know that it helps his little swimmers get to the point more easily!! Didn't want to give him the pressure!

It was just so funny though! I don't want to go into tmi but, my god, it's slippy!!!!!!! Think I may use a little less next time!!

Anyone else found it highly amusing?? Funny stories? It made me laugh and put a bit of fun back into ttc!!!

Give it a go!!




  • Well at least it put the fun back for you both, maybe thats really what its supposed to do!!!! lol xxx
  • I've never used it but I've heard really good reports about it. It does sound like it put a liitle fun into things too. Good luck & hope it does the trick for you xx
  • LOL i used this for the first time last week and it made us laugh sooo much when you push the preseed out there is so much air in it as well that that all went up there as well and i could not stop laughing, plus when you take the cap off it start to come out so trying to take it off and get in it as fast as poss is a real picture!!! Hubby just looked at me and said ....romantic LOL

    K xx

  • Hi Claire-ski, I reckon there's too much in there to be honest!! I think I'll try a little less and yes, the noise it makes is hilarious!! Not exactly ladylike and romantic!!

    Glad you and K-lou found it as entertaining as I did!!



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