*lilac stretches out and breaths deeply*

Hmm better.


  • Glad thats made you feel better lilac!! lol. xx
  • Oh can i join in too?


    Nope still feel the same! lol

    Im sending you some of my special hugs .

    jen xx
  • please feel free to join in jen! As stressed out as i'm feeling i'm loving havin an extra day to the w'end and had no idea jeremy kylie was such a feel good proramme!!! The things u miss out on when ur working!!!
  • Ha ha thats what i have got on what are that family like?

    Im kind of at a lose end oh away to work. should really be doing the ironing.

    jen xx
  • jeremy kyle, omg hes so annoying, he makes you wanna slap him! lol. LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • honestly i have no idea what the problem is........something about 1 girl talking to a friend when she's arguing with family and stuff getting backto the family?! I'm failing to see how this warrents going on to tv?
  • I'm watching too. Crazy programme.
  • Why anyone would want to go on tv and discuss there problems and make a full of themselves baffles me!

    They should just find a chat room and talk to lovely people like you lot. lol

    jen xx
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