Anyone not get a + on ov sticks but still get bfp?

I was just wondering if anyone had been using ov sticks and never got a positive but still managed to get a bfp? xxx


  • Hi debbie, cant really help sorry, but didnt want to r&r. I dont use opk's as I never get a pos on them. Mind you, I only tried for a couple of cycles back when I was trying for my ds. I just got fed up of spending all that money with no results!

    Are you on your 2ww after no pos opk? x

  • I think i ov on sat cause i had ewcm and pains low down on my left but still no + on ov sticks! Ive never used them with my other children but because im older and dont have the time to hang about and wait and see i thought it was probably a good idea! Oh well ill have to wait 2w to find out! lol. Im using the cheap ones so not to bad ,money wise. xx
  • Age is not on my side either, but Im still reluctant to use them! (Im just a scroogy git! :lol: ) Maybe its because they are the cheapy ones that you are not getting a result? I think they are a bit hit and miss at the best of times and cause more stress than they are worth! :lol:

    I remember when I first started trying for ds (he is 4 now), I didnt really know much about the natural signs to look out for, but when I got clued up I noticed I was getting ewcm etc, but still not getting pos on ov sticks. I even tried one of those saliva microscope things! And to be fair, I did get the different pattern, but didnt get my bfp until after I gave up on that too! :roll:

  • Its certainly tough ttc this time, i think your probably right about them causing more stress than they are worth. Im 41 now so really want get pregnant within the year!! I dont seem to get loads of ewcm and what i do get i have to hunt for!! lol. (sorry tmi) Im gonna carry on using them for this month just incase i ov later than i thought, then ill have to decide if i want to carry on with them or not. Where are you in your cd? Im on cd15 i think! xx
  • i never really got proper results on the ov tests, certainly not with the cheapie ones however we bd'd when they got darkish and am pregnant now so maybe just be more and see how it goes.
    BB4 i also used a saliva microscope but found was getting + results when shouldnt have. However i also got ferns about 5dpo and they continued when i was pg this time so as its relatively cheap(one off buy) maybe keep on with that.
    Filo x
  • Thanks filo, im not even getting a faint line!! How are you filo, how many weeks are you now? xx
  • Apparently it's quite easy to miss the surge so just cos you don't get + doesn't mean it didn't happen. I do use them but also do BBT charting as a back up to confirm when I think I ov'd. xx
  • I will be *whispers quickly* 40inaugust! image And really wish I had more time on my side as would love another 2 (or 3! :lol: ) Im not too sure where I am in my cycle to be honest, If cycles returned to normal after mc, then I am around cd 18ish. Maybe. :lol: I think I ov'd on Sunday as had the crampy achey thing, also had what could have been a smidge of ewcm on the previous Friday.

    Fingers well and truly crossed for us! I am due to test on 1st July, but Im nervous as hell! Part of me wants to test now, and part of me just doesnt want to test at all cos I dont want to get a negative! :roll: :lol: What date are you tesitng

    Filo, I didnt know those mircoscope things showed a fern pattern during pg! Thats really interesting! Unfortunately I have no idea where mine is now! :lol: xx
  • Thanks babyb, i have heard that its easy to miss your surge so im gonna put it down to that! lol. I havent even worked out when ill be due to test, im just taking it day by day at the mo. I had an early af last mth with the 1st 2 days of spotting so maybe i shouldnt have counted cd1 from there and counted from full red flow? Ive only had 5 afs since cutting down on breastfeeding lo but the last af (26day) was the 1st af since stopping breastfeeding completely so maybe body is just getting back to normal? Fingers crossed for us both hun, we might end up testing at about the same time!! xxxx
  • My cycles are all over the place. Last cycle (when i got my bfp - unfortunately mc'd) I I tested for weeks with never so much as a hint of a line. But then once I saw ewcm I tested and got my pos (on cd 35!) Couldn't believe it. Ran around the kitchen screaming I was so happy I was going to ov!

    I get mine from Fertility Plan shop in Ebay - they aren't v expensive so I don't feel too guilty using them.
  • I bought the ovk from wilkinsons ??3.99 for a pk of 5 test strips, so i bought 3 pks!! lol. My body doesnt seem as reliable at letting me know when its ov now, im still not 100% about the ewcm as its not as obvious as it used to be! Oh well onwards and upwards! lol. xxx
  • The FP ones are cheaper than that. I just bought 15 hpks for about ??3. Think the opk's are about the same. V quick delivery too. Mine usually arrive next day. x
  • Well if i dont get my bfp this month (which of course i will. lol) then i might try them next time. thanks baby b. xxxx
  • sorry to gatecrash but i never got a +ve ov, but im now 33weeks pregnant so dont rule it out!!!
    good luck to all you lovely ladies TTC...hope you get BFPs soon x
  • Ohhh thank you so much wilko, thats made me feel so much more positive! Congratulations on your pregnancy and i hope everything goes well for you! xxxx
  • Woohoo! i got a very faint line on ov stick today, will it get darker tomorrow? xx
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