its just not fair...stamps foot

i was on my 2ww with af due on sunday but just to be an extra pain she turned up today. i just dont know whats going on i normally have a 35 day cycle and last month it dropped to 28 day cycle but this month it makes it just a 24 day cycle, and still no sign of a bfp image

good luck to everyone else waiting. sending lots of sticky baby dust


  • Hey!

    My cycles are always like that and have varied between 23-35 days.

    The month I fell pg I only found out after not getting a positive OV test so did HPT in case. Turns out I'd OV'd a week after my last af and before I even started OV testing so was pg all along.

    I've started with CBFM this month and it's so good not worrying about getting it right - so exact!

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