got that sinking feeling

hi girls only at ov but have a sinking feeling that we havent done it this month. anyone else feel like this? i know its not over until af shows her ugly head but dont feel as positive now as i did a week ago. not testing for 2 weeks if af is late and again this weeks is going to feel like a life time image


  • Didn't want to r&r. Sorry you feel that way. Well done if you can wait that long to test!

    Can only spare a little PMA, but you can have some! xx
  • thanks for replying. i think its more because im new to this ttc thing and not sure how i should be feeling about things. at the start i thought i wouldnt think about it and what will be will be but i just cant get it out of my head. anyway not going to stress about it and just get bd some more!!! ive only ever poas once in my life before so not addicted (yet!)
  • This is my 3rd month. It is quite impossible to not think about it! This site is addictive as well, which probably doesn't help. Although it's great for advice and reasurrance.

    Good luck hun. xx
  • thank you so much for replying. dh thinks im mad because i was going to look for different job but then we decided to start ttc and i said that i will have to wait to change jobs incase i get bfp and then no mat leave money,lol. so i think your whole world can end up revolving around ttc. i love my job just alot of traveling so could do with being abit closer to home,sure ill appriate the frsh air when i do finally get bfp. good luck to you girls too x
  • In one of the posts on here, saw something about getting mat pay from job centre? Maybe you could look into that. xx
  • hey just wanted to say sorry to hear you are feeling like that but please try to stay positive. you can have some of my PMA. if you are at ov then there is still a chance this could be your month!!

    my fingers are crossed for you and i'm sending you lots of PMA and babydust xxx
  • thank you. i spoke to dh about feeling like this and he was lovely and said to stay positive as we havent been trying very long at all and prefection takes time,lol. anyway he cheered me up and so did you girls. so july IS going to be a month full of BFP's just like this month was for so many ladies. ******* baby dust to all ******
  • wooohoo yes july is going to be a fab month i can feel it.
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