OMG - EWCM?? Already??

I only mc'd naturally last Monday evening at 9 weeks. Although our beans heart stopped sometime between 7 and 8 weeks. Bleeding has stopped already and just been to loo and I THINK there was a bit of ewcm there. It was very slightly tinged with brown blood so I'm not sure but just text hubby saying we have to bd tonight just in case. OMG how exciting would that be if I ov that soon (esp as am convinced I have pcos)

Must not get too excited - opps TOO LATE!!!

Oh pls pls pls let this be ov, and pls pls pls let me get bfp again.

Do you think this could be ewcm. Or just remnants of old mc blood??? Had same consistency as ewcm and is only slightly tinged. Could I ov this soon after mc? Got a faint pos pg test still this am. Didn't think you could ov until it was neg. But maybe as it is almost neg it isn't too soon.

Gah - I just want to know. x


  • Hi babe did not want to read and run have no idea to be honest but I would say would it not be best to give your body some time before trying again?

    k XX
  • Hey hun, i had this a week after i mc'ed also.....i bded to be sure!!!! Ive been doing opks though and finally got my positive on saturday (cd24) and had ewcm again with i think bd anyway, but maybe invest in opks so u know for i never thought id ov on cd25!!! I can totally understand why your trying again, its your decision and as sure the doc has given u the ok go for it hunny!!! Its hard to describe how bad u want to be pg again after an mc dont think unless youve gone through the trauma of it youl be able to understand. I really hope u get another sticky bean asap hun i really do xxxxxxx
  • Thanks Woomummy. I have been reading some stuff on web this afternoon and I think it is unlikely to be ov. Probably just hormones playing tricks so close to mc. Have done opk already and there is a line there - only about half the strength of the control line, but that could just be remnants of hcg showing up as I am still getting pos hpks. Will def bd tonight just in case anyway!! (plus we haven't actually done it for about 8 weeks as was too scared to when I had my bfp and then was bleeding with mc!!! Poor hubby is gagging for it! lol!!!) Will do opk tomor if I have more ewcm then. Last time I ov'd I had ewcm for about 4-5 days so this could just be the start of it.

    K-lou - thanks for your concern hun. But as woomummy said, when you have had a mc you just feel a crazy urge to be pg again, so I don't want to wait another cycle. Also, as my cycles are so all over the place that could mean waiting months and months so I don't want to miss any chances I have. All the doctors we spoke to about trying again said to wait one cycle - but the only reason for doing this is for dating purposes rather than any real increased risk.
  • Oh i see ok well as long as it is all safe girl you go for it image

    Best of luck

    K xx
  • baby b i had this last weekend (15 days after ERPC)
    no idea if it was ov or not??????
    oh the confusion!!!
    i've no idea what is going on down there.... grrrrrrr
  • I so hope it is for both of us. Fingers crossed. Sounds more like it for you as you have had 2 weeks since erpc. Mine just seems far too early.

    We are going to bd tonight anyway just in case. First time in about 8 weeks - am actually really nervous! x
  • oooh good luck!! we hadn't done it in weeks either - almost forgot how to do it heheheimage

    i'm getting increased cm now as well so i haven't a clue where i am in my cycle. i hope it was ov last week, very much doubt we have conceived but i don't mind if not as hopefully will get AF soon so we can properly start trying again!

    enjoy yourself tonight!!!
  • Thanks hun!!!
    I had lots of creamy cm after ov when I got my bfp. You never know - I have heard of lots of people who have done it first cycle. xx
  • just read your emails - will reply tomorrow. what am i like, i check BE more than my emails these days!

    i remember having more cm after ov when i got bfp...don't think this is it though, and i think part of me will worry if we have done it as i'm scared i should have waited one AF. but whatever will be will be. i can hope for a super bean!!

    hope you have a good eveningimage

  • Hi BabyB, I had this too - loads of 'ewcm' about 3 weeks after mc. We bd'd but then af started 2 days later!

    I had ov type 'ache' over the weekend, but didnt have any ewcm. We bd'd anyway tho 'just in case'

    I think its a case of wait and see, as our hormones are pretty screwed up at the moment. But I really hope its ov for you hun, and that we all get our sticky bfp's VERY soon! Good luck and *********babydust********** x

  • Hi All,

    Had scan today which confirmed complete mc. Am quite sad as now as it's all over now and I should be getting back to normal but am also relieved that I don't have to have erpc or anything.

    Spoke to gyny about the ewcm. He said it won't be ov image
    He said after mc there is still a lot of mucus to come out so that's what it will be.
    We bd'd last night anyway but it was actually v painful (tmi - I felt like something was being painfully prodded on my left side and could literally feel my stomach moving!) so we are going to take a break for a while, or until I convince myself I am ov-ing again!

    Am fed up with not knowing what's going on with my body. Really hope either ov or af happens soon so I can start to feel normal again. xx
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