did I ovulate??

ok, sorry if its a bit complicated to follow... I had a virus so was on anti biotics monay to friday, finished my last pill packet wednesday. friday morning was woken up by period-like pains (not due on til monday) and also had some clear cm. could I have ovulated so quickley?? I wasnt sure but thought i'd corner h2b just in case hehe!!
What do you ladies think?


  • any thoughts appreciated!!
  • Hi lisao, welcome to the site.

    Af is usually around 14 days after ov. So to me it sounds unlikely if af due Monday. Also if you are waiting for withdrawal bleed, again makes it unlikely. Sorry. HTH. xx
  • thanks hun, thats what i figured just after anti biotics etc wasnt sure if it was possible cos dont normally get cramps that early.
    thank you, heres to month one of ttc!!
  • Hope your af tirns up on time, and you get your bfp soon. xx
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