Does anyone...

Hi ladies nearly every month from around CD10 I've been getting quite dull, bit like AF kind of pain, it tends to last until around CD 14, two months ago they were quite intense that I actually thought AF was on its way, and actually ended up avoiding BDing, which is obviously not the idea when you are ttc.

I thought that it could be OV pain, but not so sure as there is never any EWCM. Really confusing. Any of you experienced similar symptoms?
I have orderd OV kits just to help me make sense of this and figure whatever I do OV in that actual time frame.


  • It could be ov pain as not all women get/notice EWCM. I have only ever noticed it the once. I get bad ov pain too so always know when I am ovulating. Lots of luck xxx
  • Hi hun does sound like ov pain as i ov cd11 and i get a dull like af cramps in one side and i used opk's and got my smily's x
  • Babylove & bella, thank you for your replies. I've been looking out for EWCM as I thought it was an indicator but I am glad to know that you can still ov even if EWCM is not obvious. I hope I get lucky as OH is working away and will be back for CD14 (I am now CD12) so If I have ovd already we might of missed it! Wish me luck xxx
  • good luck hun xx
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