Fao sparkling diamond and mpp

what a cutie! beautiful hair, how old? x


  • Hey chickas

    how's everything going?

    Haven't managed to get on much over last few weeks so have missed loads.

    I had my scan on weds and all went well! Just trying to put back on the weight I've lost!!!

    Hope you are both ok and sorry not been on much to catch up on any news.

  • sorry to g/c just wanted to say glad all went well with the scan image xxxxx
  • Hi hun

    Just got back in been to watch the fireworks at the Festival we are having where I live.

    Am sooooooo tired and got sun burn today from walking around the festival.

    Glad your scan went well chick, no news from me just am stocking up on HPT's off ebay he he for this month. Currently CD18 of a very long irregular cycle.

    Am just going with the flow this month but secretly hoping something will happen image

  • MPP where are you???

  • Fingers crossed for you Hun! You really deserve some good luck.

    Haven't seen mpp around much lately. Hope she's ok!!

    How's your sunburn today? Lol

  • Oh its really sore hun, have blitzed the house today, been shopping and we had a mini bbq and watched 2nd half of the footy. I dont normally watch football so what a disappointment to watch!! Cant believe we got kicked out, oh well never mind means hubbys mind will be on TTC instead of footie lol. I wouldnt mind but hes also been out to watch every game except todays so its cost a fortune in drink money he he!!

    Think am due to ov soon as got clear slippery very stretchy mucus lol (too much info) we bd thur night and about half an hour ago, ** again sorry for the tmi!!

    I really dont fully understand what happened last month but am putting all that behind me have binned about 25 tests he he and am raring for this month.

    I have a good feeling about it image

    Hows you hunnie??

  • You go girl!!! I remember there being a saying on here about a year ago if you believe you will concieve!!! Lol

    your day today sounds like mine yesterday!!! Lol
    it's been sooooo hot this week that I did no house work until yesterday when hubs invited friends over!!! Just did a buffet style tea as was too hot for BBQ!!!

    I'm all good nausea slowly disappearing at last!! But bbs feel more sore each morning!!! Lol
    told our 5 year old on thurs and he has been so sweet and excited bless him!!!

    Any plans for the week that's not bding!!! Lol

  • He he I like it

    I do believe I will conceive good PMA lol

    No plans really thats us both in the house now until 23rd july as we have a night do and then week after a wedding allday two close friends.

    Not much on really just lots of quality time with hubs

  • Hey Im still alive :\)

    Me and hubby were taking a chill pill on the TTC business as i went for that job interview last week. I wouldnt be entitled to SMP if i got pg and id be stuffed for money, thats if i get the job. So we were going to put it on hold.
    Ive decided i really want a baby now and i will worry about money later. I know its wasting there time but kinda hoping i dont get the job, would make life alot easier. :lol:

    Hubby has given in and has let me purchase a CBFM at last! So ive had my beady eyes on ebay at the moment, Ill keep you posted how i get on.


    P.S Glad the scan went well! :\)


  • Aw MPP I want one lol hubby has said I can buy one but just not sure kinda want to see if we conceive this month and if not then think I will buy one.

    Month 7 for us, what month are you on?

  • Ooh thats exciting! Cbfms are supposed to be really good!! Hope they work for you both and you can get your bfp's very very soon!!

    Mpp good to hear from you your way of thinking is kind of how I thought!! I quit my job of 7 years in October and haven't worked since! Have looked for work since I left but never found or been successful in interviews! Hubs business ticks over so just going to have to help him push it. I know financially I shouldn't of got pg but at the end of the day babies only cost what you make them!!! Lol

    have everything crossed for both of you.

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