Bit Worried!

Hi all

We have recently started ttc however after reading a couple of threads on here it has just made me think about something!

About a year ago i had a medical at work and they found blood in my urine! I went to docs they thought i ahd a UTI so gave me antibiotics. Anyway when the results of the urine sample i gave the docs came back they said i didnt have a UTI but there was some protein in my wee. Anyway, they never did anything about it but i then started getting slight bleeding between my periods and to cut a long story short it was a cervical erosion, they gave me some cream and advised i came off the pill and also sent me to hospital just to check nothing more serious and touch wood i have been ok since.

However i changed my GP a couple of months ago as i moved house so i had to have a check up to register and they said i have "borderline" high blood pressure and so i ahve been keeping an eye on this ( i checked it again yesterday and it was 116/94-still apparently boardline high)
When i registered withmy GP they said there was no protein in my wee anymore so no idea what that was all about.

I am now panicing that this will mean i will have a bad pregnancy and will get complications.

I know you are all probs not doctors but do you think this will increase chances of something going wrong?
MrsT4 x


  • Hi,

    I don't want to read and run MrsT$, but I really can't help you, but I'm sure when you do get your bfp, the doctor will monitor you more closely due to your HBP.
  • yea my sis in law is due xmas eve, she is v.overweight with high bp so they have monitored her a lots all the way through. try not to worry xx
  • I dont actually have high bp though,it is just "borderline" but this is making me worry that it will go sky high wen pregnant. I dont understand why i have it though, i am not overweight and up until about 6 months ago it has always been ok. I thought it may have been the stress of me getting married/moving house and losing my grandma all at the same time but it hasnt calmed down so i dont know what it is
  • Blood pressure is a strange thing though, it's kind've like cholestorol, where it doesn't matter if your over/under/normal weight or not you can just have it. I'm overweight and my blood-pressure is spot-on (I give blood regularly so I always ask).

    I don't think you should worry about it until you get your bfp and then when you go to the doctor's just bring it up with him.

    One of my old friends had to spend the last few weeks of her pregnancy in bed due to high blood pressure and she was fit and healthy - she had a health baby boy.
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