Group hug girlies, hows you all doing?

Hey hows you all doing?

I think I'm on my 2ww, although not 100% sure as we have been very casual this month, almost to the point of forgetting to BD! lol!

Sorry I keep buggering off, if I don't I just end up working myself into a stressy state!



  • Hi. I've been trying to stay off here a bit too if i'm honest. It's hard enough to stop thinking about it as it is!!

    I think i'm ov'ing sometime now or soonish so just enjoying BDing and dreading the two week wait!

    Glad to have group hugs gang re-started though. Good work! XX
  • Hi chook, the bd'ing is fun isn't it! Hubby asked when I thought I'd ov'd and I really had to think about it, my own fault if I don't get my bfp!
    Good luck hun, hope you catch that little eggy! xxx
  • I find i log onto here before fb now so i know i have a problem lol!

    Good luck, lots of ladies find they get their BFP the month they don't really try so fingers crossed!

  • Hi girls. I'm exactly the same- not doing opk this month just seeing what's happens!! I'm on cd 12 today but last month I had a 35 day cycle!! Glad the group is starting up again x
  • Aww nice to see you all again - well kinda bittersweet cos it means we all need to get our bfps! xxx
  • Hi cass82

    Wondered where you had got too hun, know what you mean about having a break tho. We have our hol a week on wed for our anniversary and wont be coming on BE.

    Am going to have some pile of catching up to do when I get back tho, hope to find you in a DI forum hun.

    Fingers crossed

  • Hey Cass- we are both from the apr 2008 forum and both evidently ttc again! am on my 2ww as well- af due end of next week. Nice to see a name i know! xxx
  • Hi girls how is everyone doing? I have been having really bad ov pains so fingers crossed its happened at the right time this month! X
  • Hi girlies

    I'm CD26 today, had really bad cramps since monday. Wish af would just show her face and stop pissing about. My cycle lengths are 27-29 days long and i don't want cramps for that long! :0(
  • im sitting on my hands as i have 10 days till testing and i wish it was here now!!!
  • Hi Cass, any news? Cramps could be a good thing too, you know?!!!

  • Hi hun, no nothing yet, still got af type cramps and now bbs are killing me, thought they were going to drop off when I took my bra off! lol!

    Hows everyone doing? xxx
  • Hi ladies. My af is due next weekend and really gonna try and not test early even though I have sd tests ready and waiting!! Had really bad cramps and had a day off work this week cos I was being sick- think I've picked a bug up.
    How's everyone else? Xx
  • Ooh Cass have everything crossed for you, really hope its your BFP.

  • Thanks SD, me too! Keep on checking every 15 mins! Hubby thinks I've gone mad! lol!
    Hope you're doing well sweetie, last time I was on here you were having a rough old time of it xxx
  • Not doing too bad because am leaving for our anniversary hol on wed morning he he cant wait and think am on my fingers crossed.

    How are you? when are you going to test?

  • Hey hun, I'm good, No sign of AF today (fingers crossed) but still have those cramps, have had them for over a week now! image

    Ooh anniversary holiday sounds lovely, hope you get your bfp!

    Am going to be testing tomorrow, its my birthday, so am hoping for a nice pressie! xxx
  • Fingers crossed you get what you want for your Birthday

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