Anyone tried Zestica?

Heard Zestica lubricant is good and quite a few are getting BFP with it....any info would be appreciated...heard you can get it on-line?


  • Hi Janesy, just popping back from DueinJuly (am nosey!). I used Zestica and am convinced it is what worked. Got pregnant second month of trying. Did Sperm Meets Egg Plan both months and used Zestica on the second. Hubby loved it too! I would definitely recommend it. I know lots of other people had good experiences with Preseed too, so worth looking into that also if you like. Good luck! and have fun!
  • Hi Janesy

    I didnt use zestica, but i did use preseed. I got the stuff that comes 'ready to use' in the applicators!

  • I used zestica applicators and got my bfp. I would definitely recommend it.


  • I used preseed for about 6 months and nothing. Then got zestica spray and got BFP first month of using it
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