could this be a BFP??----PICCY

hey hope your having a nice sat ladies. . Anyway got my e bay delivery today of my Preg tests and ov tests. .
Im on cd 8 for info. . I don't no why but did a poas Lol crazy woman lol. . A pink line came up but so hard to see. . In different lights you can see lol. . How bizarre. Did another and same again.
Now what are other peoples ex with these? Are they bad for evaporation lines. .
I had two day period last month and have no Preg symptoms at all.
Bloody tests lol x X X

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  • Are you gettin the lines on the ov or preg sticks? The ov sticks do ususlly hsve two lines anyway. One line will just get darker when you ov.xx
  • hey no on the Preg tests the lines are x X

    omg wtf...well thought if they are evaps i aint gonna do them no i done 4!!! all with similar is one....could it be a miricle lol?? x

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  • Hi booey. Are you sure your not preg? I dont kow if you saw my dilema last week but af very late, tested lots and all BFN. Turns out my cycle was messed up and I ov'd nearly 2 weeks late.
    Anyway what im trying to say is, i got my opk/hpts from ebay delivered end of last week (after many tests) and I did the same as you. I tested with both ov and hpt lol. Both were completely negative, not a hint of a line. Then on Sunday morning I decided to test again with a FR and got a BFP. Did another ebay one and got a line. So 2 days apart and went from nothing to this

  • hey am trying to put piccy on but not sure how?? could i be preggers lol...i done 4 now! all have some form of a line! OMG lol xx

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  • OMG im so excited for you but dont wana get your hopes up.
    I just dont see how you got 4 false +ives hun. Is it anything like mine?

  • how do i post piccys??

    This should be your pic
  • can anyone see this??or am i going mad on a sat afternoon!! xx
  • Right bare with me. I think i can see a line but going to go downstairs and look on the other computer as its a better picture.

    You need to go and get a FR or SD. Are you near a shop?
  • I can def see something (and my son can too lol).
    It is pink at all?
    As I said I had nothing on mine and I would say evap line may only happen once not on all 4????
    Go to shop xxx
  • can be near a shop lol...but just dont wanna get excited incase its not image xx could be evap line girls?? xx
  • Ok I think we need to calm down as I know if you test and get a BFN your going to be gutted.
    You do need to go get one though. How long will it take you?
    Have you any FMU? Be prepard for a neg hun. (but I cant see that happeneing)

    Do you usually get 2 day periods?
  • lol omg...i no i keep look at all 4 of them and they all reasemble lines!!..its kind purpley..haha...has anyone else had these??? gosh i thought i was the only one who could see it!x....
  • Evap lines are sort of see through/greyish colour. You should google images of ebay HPTs
  • I think HCG can cause a +ive on an ov test but not 100%. What time does hubby get home?
    The next time you pee, pee in a jug and keep it so you have some for later. Try not to drink too much from now till then. *whispers* im not leaving the pc till you test ;\)
  • well last month i had a 1 day n half and same this month....not got any FMU...not got any urine come to think of that after 4 tests lol....oh im soo gonna get a nego i feel it....gotta wait for hubby to come home, then he can take me to shop...see what he thinks....i got positive ov tests too xx
  • I can see a pink line! It's faint but most definitely there. Oooooh, good luck and please keep us posted. How exciting! xx
  • This is quite similar. I googles BFP on ebay tests and found this
  • ahhhh lol...he home bout 1 hour...shall i by a CB?...but i had my period last sat, was one day late but only for few days...not heavy either...oh bloody hell lol..if i get a nego im chucking these tests in bin cause they bobbo if im not LOL xx
  • wow yeah thats very similar to mine!.....

    oh n i wanted a stress free satuarday lol xx
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