Finished my pill and so I guess we're officially TTC........


I had to tell someone and since its a secret (I don't want the pressure of "real life" friends asking me constantly if there's any news!!) I thought I'd share it on here instead.

My OH and I got married last summer and are both incredibly broody - to be honest I am very shocked that I managed to get this far!! But with wanting to get our affairs in order and also trying to enjoy some lovely married time we have put it off - until now!!

My next pack of pill was due to start last night but as planned I have not taken it. It feels so wonderful to finally be doing something towards the baby making dream. I have of course been taking folic acid since the beginning of November but even that didn't feel such a momentous step as this! I am so excited.

So that's it basically - I AM TTC (and my husband is obviously!!:lolimage

x x x


  • :lol:

    Welcome to ttc

    Good Luck and hope you get your BFP very soon xx
  • Hiya

    Welcome to the crazy world of TTC !

    I only came off the pill 4 weeks ago - expect your body to go through some weird old changes, I have been on a hormonal rollercoaster since coming off the pill - so hoping it will settle down soon !

    Good Luck xxxx
  • Welcome - Im new too, started ttc last week image it's exciting stuff image xxx
  • So are we, finished last pill end of December, had normal af after pill end but haven't had anything else. Still waiting
    for cycle to come back it's is so so so so fustrating. I've been taken cactus Angus as I've heard this helps cycle.
    I'm so excited too.
    Good luck hope you get bfp soo. X
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