testing Sunday 29th anyone?

Hi All

Will be 15DPO on sunday 28th and planning on testing then if AF hasnt arrived (not got much PMA this cycle - took 56 days to OV and meant by the time we realised OV had actually happened it was too late and didn't BD at the right times).

Who's with me?


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  • Me me me!

    I'll be 14DPO by then but on CD 99- very long cycle :roll: but my GP is confident I ov-ed when I think I did. Had lots of ewcm and ov pains and dtd lots. I didn't use opk as would've spent a fortune on them by now.

    Good luck, hope you get your bfp on the 28th x
  • Hiya - someone who knows how I feel then!! Good that you've been able to chat to GP about it - when I went last week on CD50 she just did the whole 'it can take up to a year after the pill' chat.... blah blah blah!

    I didn't use OPKs but track my BBT and use FF to help with that.

    Fingers crossed for both of us!!

    T xxx
  • Yeah, my GP was actually v good and referred me for blood tests after 7 months of trying, so I had some today- to test for ovulation a week after it has been suspected. Then I have more on day 3 of my next cycle. Thought it was worth doing as they were offered.

    Time is going soooo slowly, should prob get off here and do something to distract myself... lol
  • hi hun. me me me. i will be 15dpo next sun (hun i think its the 29th coz af is due on the 30th). good luck hope its your month.xxx
  • I'll be 13DPO on Sunday, do you think that's too early to test?
  • I'll be 15dpo too on saturday, but I'm going to test on Friday as we are due to go out on friday night,
    The result will depend on if i drink or not that night : )

  • Maybe it's my imagination but I'm feeling a bit sicky with sore boobs and metal mouth.... 7 days to go.... raargh!
  • Also v emotional....When I had my blood test yesterday I was a bit of a wimp and cried when the needle went in, then the phlebotomist said 'you'll never get pg if you keep stressing out', she meant it kindly I think but it made me wail! She drew the curtains round and gave me a cuddle but I'd truly lost it at that point! :cry: lol
  • Hi Girls

    Welcome Angel100 (yay!!), VWGirl and MrsRobertson!

    Lol kittenmittens - sounds very emotional indeed!

    I've been in a total grumpy mood for the last few days which hubby is not too happy about! I just said to him 'look, i'm just in a grump and I want to stay in a grump for a while, leave me along' oops!!

    I've also been a bit teary and my boobs hurt on and off. Last night my cat was cuddled up with me on the sofa and then launched himself off putting all his weight on my boob and it absolutely killed!! I never used to get sore boobs before I came off the pill, and it's never hurt THAT much before!!

    Hope you're all having a nice saturday!

  • Only 7 more getty-ups til we can POAS! image
  • I have v strong metallic tatse, just noticed it when I woke up just now, I'm only 8dpo and have no tests in the house so will keep waiting til next Sunday! 7 days to wait omg image
  • hey girlies - how we doing?!

    Well - I don't think I'll need to be spending money on HPTs this week. Started spotting today image

    I know I know, it *could* be implantation, But I think I must've said that about 4 times since coming off the pill and it never has been!! So think I'm out of the race for this cycle, want AF To hurry up now so we can get going for the next cycle!!

  • aww hun, keeping everything crossed for you it is.xxx

    im starting to loose pma as well. ive had af cramps all day and sore boobs which is af symptoms for me.xxx
  • so frustrating isn't it?!! Ah well, a new week tomorrow and a busy week at work for me so either way time will go quick I hope!

    Did you ever hear anything from MrsTIL again? Think she disappeared off the face of the earth....!!

  • no havent heard. some of the girls were askin on here a couple of weeks ago, i think someone had tried emailing but got no answer.xx

    im same busy week, sunday will be here before we know it,xxx
  • Hiya Girls :\)

    I know i have been missing in action for a while and i apologise, i really should have emailed you all but i was at such a low point i couldn't face anything 'baby' i think i possibly had mild depression for a while so decided to take a 'baby break'

    Ive not been keeping tabs on temps or testing with ovulation predictor kits, the only thing ive been doing is keeping a note of my af's for the length of my cycles. I actually thought it was helping, i wasn't obsessing over timing of sex, i ate what i liked and drank what i like (hello caffine, i missed you) but in actual fact i think i was bottling it up because this week i have had a complete breakdown. Ive been crying ALL week and i mean ALL week! :roll: My poor hubby! Yesterday i found out about someone who got pregnant on their second month of trying, her and her boyfriend are out every weekend, smoking, drinking some drugs etc and i spent practically the full day in bed i couldn't face it! I felt sick with jealousy and the old 'it's not fair' syndrome!

    So today woke up feeling a bit better and thought i would venture on here to see how you girls were doing. Sorry for my update post to be such a downer :lol:

    How have you all been? I have missed talking to you all!

    I'm CD35 at the minute, no idea when/if i ovulated so really don't know when/if to test (i haven't the last few months just waited) my last 3 cycles have been 42, 29 and 33 days so really don't know where my body is at at all. I have all the period symptoms, bottom back is sore, boobaloobs are sore, pulling sensations in my tummy and major emotions so i think its just a waiting game for me.

    Hope your not too mad at me for not keeping in touch!

    Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • aww huni im so pleased to hear from you, i had actually logged for the night but something made me pop back on before bed. i so sorry you have had a hard time it is all very consuming, i got really down a few month ago and hubby had to make me take a step back so although i am taking my temps and ss i actually feel quite good about everything. i hope you will be joining us again, hopefully we can make you feel a little better.xxxxx
  • You never know *fergy*, the spotting might stop and you could still get a bfp. Does it look/ feel like your normal AF? Hope you're ok x
  • Hiya Angel! Thanks for the welcome huni! I think i am ready to venture back into the world of baby expert lol! Although ive promised myself once a day and for an hour or two at most, see how long that lasts!! Are you due to test angel? How you feeling? xxx
  • How funny, I just popped on here to wish Fergy and Angel lots of luck this weekend and saw your name Mrs TIL! I'm really sorry to hear you have been having such a hard time of it lately ttc is such an emotional business its a wonder we didn't all go round the bend ages ago - weddings or buying houses are almost relaxing in comparison!

    Glad to see you on here and wishing you lots of luck this month. You too Fergy and Angel!
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