cbd advice urgently needed please!!!!

hi there

i posted just over a wk ago wiv my bfp and said i wanted to hang aroung here for a bit just incase as i have lost before.....however i should be 5+4 today and have poas wiv cbd again and it still says 1-2!!! thats not good is it????? i dont have docs for 2 wks yet and they wont see me as an emergency i wouldnt of thought...any advice plz ladies i am really scared xxxx


  • i cant give u any advice, but i did a cbd when i should have got 2-3 and still got 1-2. its so nerve wracking as u get convincd theres something worng, i just keep telling myself that they arent that acurate. i hope it all works out for you. xx
  • try looking at this, there is not that much difference between a 1-2 and a 3+

  • thank you so so much for them kind words i really appreciate it thank you xx
  • hi, i think it's ok, remember that the docs count from the first day of your last period where as CDB only goes from conception. so you get 2-3 weeks "free" as it were. Everyone's hormone levels differentlyas well, don't panic, try one again an a few days, im sure everything will be ok xxxx
  • Hope everything is ok, I would test again in a few days but if you are concerned you can go to your docs and they will do a pregnancy test for you to confirm it.
  • Hi,

    Everyones hormone levels differ enormously so dont be worrying my best friend had the same reading at your stage and she due 6th Dec and all gone well.

    Inka xxx

  • Did u drink/wee lots before you poas?? might of been that....... I used a own brand of test with my boy and the line never got darker or as dark as the control line and he is 3 image
    Hope all goes well for you. xxxx gems xxxx


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