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I have joined Lilypie and created a ticker but not sure where to put it so it shows on my signature for forum posts etc. I have the code to paste but not sure where i need to paste it, can anyone help :\? xx


  • Hi,
    You need to copy and paste it each time you post something, bit naff really!! When you get the ticker code you need the code titled - PseudoHTML, UBBCode and BB Code in the forum signatures section. Then you just copy and paste it at the bottom of each post. I found it easier to save lillypie to my favourites and open a new window to retrieve the code each time i wanted to use it. Looking forward to seeing your ticker xx


  • Thanks Dotty Jackie. Well i am only playing at the minute because i don't come off my pill till 29th April then i will be TTC. Here is what i have so far but obviously this will need updating:


    Ok so i may have gone over board now but hey :lol: xx


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