Please help?

Ok I got my period on April 30th it lasted 6 days I had sex on the May 9th,11th,12th, 14 and 16 unprotected on May 11th and had clear strechy discharge with a string of blood in the morning (possible ovulation)? Today May 23 I had brown strechy discharge, but I took a pregnancy test that I bought online and it was negative.....what is the brown discharge ab...
Thank You:\?


  • It could have been inplantation bleeding. x
  • It could have been inplantation bleeding. x

    Even though the pregnancy test was negative? I am due to get my period on the 27th ? I am so confused ...... I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks last June and just recently we decided to try again....
  • Hi and welcome. It may just be that you tested too early. Some people get a positive early-up to 4 days before af, but a lot of people dont have enough hormone being produced to be detected until af is due. If you can resist testing I'd wait until the 27th and if she doesnt arrive then test then.
    Hope it was implantation and you get your bfp!xx
  • Yes, test again when your AF is due. Good Luck hope you get a bfp x
  • Hope it is implantation. Unfortunately I had 6 days of brown stuff this month (from cd22-cd28) but af came as normal. I really thought mines was implantation.

    Good luck x
  • I had the same thing this morning, I am not due til the 29th. I didn't test will wait until after AF due. I did come straight back on this morning though in the hope that sevans had her BFP as I read your story earlier in the week, sorry it wasn't your month hun.
  • Well my period came down this morning actually 4 days early !! well at least it means my cycle starts all ov;\)er again image
  • Sorry to hear that. Good luck for next month.xx
  • Mine came this morning, also early, sucks doesn't it?!
  • Yes it sucks but what is weird is that I got it one day heavy and it stopped the next day and today im spotting.

    My cyclechanged after my miscarriage
  • i hope you get that bfp soon. our bodies mess us around in horrible ways xx
  • prbabe - best of luck for next month. And you too hayleybaby. x

    I know I'm not pregnant as I did a test eight days ago, and have no symptoms at all, and still no AF. Our bodies have a mind of their own, clearly!
  • I am a little embarrass to ask but what is AF and BFP? I am new at this and I am not sure image

    well today I feel kind of down my husband now does not want to try for a baby so I guess we will wait, he is so confused he wants one then he doesn't and it makes my emotions go up and down well tomorrow will be another day
  • Hi prbabe - you up in the night as well? It must be confusing to not know what your husband wants. Have you had a propper sit down chat about why he does and doesn't want a baby. Maybe if you have a talk, letting him know at the start that you don't want a pressurised discussion, you can put at rest some of his fears. Do you have other children? Having a baby is the biggest decision in our lives - he is bound to have a few worries - maybe you can help him overcome these. From what i have been reading, and af is your period and bfp is a positive preg test - not sure what the letters stand for though.
  • I do have 3 other children 2 from my previous marriage and we have a son together,all my pregnancies where complicated I had 2 very premature babies one 27 weeks the other 24 but I am ready to have my last baby
  • Look for the abbreviations post, I bumped it up a bit. AF is aunt flo(w) - period. BFP is big fat positive on pregnancy test.

    Have you had a chat with your husband? xx
  • I did speak to him but I came to the conclusion that he is not ready image but at the same time he doesn't believe in birth control so I guess we will just let it be, I think he is afraid of another miscarriage but so am I is hard .......

    I know I am not very fertile we tried for 5 years to have my son and then when we stop trying it happened and the baby we lost we didn't even try it was a surprise... I know that as you get older is harder to conceive I am 34 now .
  • I will not try for now maybe later on but I will stay on this forum since it gives me comfort to read your post image
  • Good luck for next month hunny xxx
  • I think being relaxed about it you seem to fall, so it sounds like a good thing that you're not going full steam ahead! If you let nature take it's course, then fingers crossed it'll happen for you. Good luck. xx
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