Symptom Spotters

Hello Ladies,

I've been away from this forum since summer last year when I was ttc my dd who is now 4 months old. To all you 1st time ttc-ers, hang in there because it's 200% worth it. Motherhood is amazing.

I'm back because me and MisterG are going for number 2. When the biscuit is so good, you've got to have another one!!!

We were so lucky when ttc our dd as we killed af on our first month. I'm now on CD25 of our first month ttc baby 2 and hoping that it's all the baby dust on this forum that helped us the last time. So I'm back!

I'm going to resist POAS until after af is due as I only have one CBD stick left over from last year and don't really want to buy any more. So, please help me let my will to ss run riot. Remind me what I should be looking for and what the signs of early pregnancy are. I can't remember having any real symptoms prior to POAS last time.

Congratulations to everyone who's had their BFP and sparkly baby dust to everyone else.


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