wedding stationery offer

Hey girls

Hope you're all well, I've been so busy with all things TTC recently, that I've found 5 mins for my new business image

I've launched my wedding stationery business, and am offering a fantastic offer as a launch celebration!

If you want to have a peek, please feel free to have a look. . . I'm updating it tomorrow also with more invites etc,

Thanks girls for your time x x x x

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  • oh and if anyone wants to give me any feedback on how the site looks and usability etc, i'd sooo appreciate it

    x x x

    p.s., if anyone would like a free sample, please let me know, email me [email protected] with the stationery code and your details =) x x
  • grr BE ate my reply i think lol
  • Hi hun, already married sorry but just wanted to wish you luck in your new business venture xx
  • aww thanks hunny! x x

    does the site look okay to you? x
  • Looks fab! just had a nosey x
  • super! =D aww hun you've made my day - my first official feedback lol, x x
  • hiya im getting married in may, so invites have all gone out im afraid, but looks very proffesional! *thumbs up* good luck TTC! xxx
  • thank you so much *me* !! =D

    I've already received 3 sample orders today for wedding stationery! and had an overwhelmingly positive feedback response =D

    thanks so much girls for looking too, and if you know anyone getting married please feel free to pass me around lol. x x x
  • a shameful *bump* x x x x
  • I got married in June 09 and as an artist i made all my own stationary, just had a look at ur site it looks fab hun hope it all goes really well for you! x
  • PrincessA - thanks so much sweetie! It's lovely to have such nice feedback =) do you like my designs? honest opinions lol x x
  • I do i love them, really unique im sure they will do really really well, are u going to do wedding fairs to promote them?
  • thanks! =D

    yep, looking to go to wedding fayres locally, maybe start at a crafts fayre first, see how that goes, then move onto a wedding one. It's all so exciting, I've got a t-shirt printed with my business details, and I wear that out and about, put business cards in town and that too lol, i've been a busy bee today! x
  • Where r u from hun? sounds like u have an action plan and brilliant designs so u will do fab, im a typical artist have the creative ability but certainly dont have the business brain! x
  • lol, I've got business brain (i hope!) but not able to draw a decent stick man! i'm creative thou image

    I'm from Woodbridge, Nr. Ipswich, you? x
  • Thanks Claire! will look into changing it tomorrow my lovely x

    Been busy with my new Table Plan today - so will be uploading images in the morning, need day light for the pics lol.

    Thankyou everyone for all your feedback and advice - it's all been taken on board =)

    and if you know anyone getting married then... well you know lol x x x
  • Your site looks fab....very professional. All the best with your new adventure!

    J xx
  • aww thanks Sunshine! Have got put on a new Table Plan I did yesterday also, and have a bespoke order from a bride to do too, and it's very exciting and can't wait until they are done to show everyone! x x
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