cramping, then more cramping!

hey girls,

not been on for a few days, as i was a bit gutted about 3 BFNs.
anyway - back to PMA and i was thinking i was pg, as i had been having cramps like af since i OV (well, i THOUGHT i had OV)
anyway, they went the other day and i had 2 clear days with no cramps.
now they have just started again and feel quite low down and are affecting my back.

they last days of cramping from the first lot i had some CM, but it was creamy and sticky.

anyone think i was OV last week and now its the 2WW?
or does it just sound confusing to you? its certainly confusing to me!



  • I had af like cramps on Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues and sore boobs, then nothing yesterday, and back to AF like cramps today !! Weird ! I am convincin myself its implantation or something, but knowing my luck AF is waiting round the corner for me ! lol !
  • Hi I am the same, cramping started again today after 2 days without and previously all the time since ovulation, and not due AF till tues or weds so to early for these normal AF cramps - confused!!!! I am about 11 DPO and just praying its a bean.......... x x
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