Need PMA

I am running out of it fast!!!

I have no cm hardly at all, and the very very very small bit i do have looks like pre OV?? i am just bummed as I know we have not done it this month and that this body of mine has just been playing little tricks on me image

k XX


  • I know it's hard but try and stay poitive. I felt really upset on monday when AF arrived full flow, had really hoped I would get my BFP this month and had signs I thought might be implantation bleeding, But NO!!
    All I can say is keep trying I know I will and lets hope it's not long before we get those two magic lines. xx
  • Thank you image i am so rubbish with waiting for things. i am ok the rest of the time it;s the last few days before I test i start to feel this way and will most likley be like this every 2ww LOL

    Thanks for your post and i am sorry AF found you xxx
  • Hi K-lou, I think you need a distraction the last few days so you don't keep checking the cm!! everyone is totally different and I'm sending you PMA!!!!
  • Lots of PMA coming your way! I agree that a distraction is a good idea,if you keep checking everytime you'll end up making yourself crazy! I'm very chilled this month about ttc,my af was 2 days late so got my hopes up but unfortunately she found me,but hey it's not the end of the world as we've only been trying 2 months1 Don't let your life revolve around ttc,relax and enjoy it!xx
  • Thats it's easier said than doen though you know. Now I just want to know and if it is a BFN then i know once i found out I will be fine about it, its the waiting and not knowing.

    Today was really sunny when i got up and now it looks like it's going to rain!

    K xx
  • I agree the waiting is the worst part,hope you get your BFP! xx
  • Thanks babe I guess i should stay off this site for a bit or stop posting so much xxxx
  • I'm sending you some of my spare pma, and a bit of patience (though i'm nearly out of that) lol !

  • honey come on dont give up hope, everyone is different, ive always had cm the whole time and it hasnt meant im pg, so u not having much doesnt mean u arent pg!!!! *PMA being chucked* keep smiling and try and keep your mind on something else (I KNOW AS IF!!!!!!!!!) xxxxx

  • Hi K-Lou, sending you lots and lots of PMA.
    Just try not to get so hung up on your CM. So many things can affect its appearance, consistency, frequency etc. It is good to use as a 'rough guide' but try not to become guided by it. Checking it for EW consistency around the time of ovulation is handy, but not everyone gets it regularly, if at all. I can TOTALLY sympathise with wanting to symptom spot, because I have driven myself and h2b completely round the twist with all my 2ww 'signs'!!
    Just try and think positive, but don't beat yourself up over your CM patterns.
    *Sends calm and relaxing thoughts K-Lou's way!*
    Lots of love and luck, Topbird xx

  • Thank you girlsimage I just really think I need something else in my life to take the focus off this TTC lark.

    Just had a nice lunch with hubby which has made me all happy.

    K xx
  • that's good to hear! you could be only two days away from finding out you're pg so don't feel down!
  • Thank you, I always get down around Af time and very tearful as well LOL oh the joys we have being women.

  • come on K chin up girl, you never know what will happen in 2days. leave feeling down for af, we all feel crappy then so you'll be able to indulge in chocolate hehe.
    heres some *****baby dust*****

  • I know how you feel K!

    I wonder about keeping up PMA, then crashing with a bfn. I suppose it's keeping just enough?

    We're testing in 2 days....and you might hear something positive from the nurse tomorrow? xx
  • Hi K and Mithical,

    Sending lots of PMA and baby dust your way.

  • sending all you lovely ttc ladies bags of babydust and PMA, too few bfps recently.
    K lou i never had really wet cm before i tested bfp so please dont give up everyone is different, yes some things are common but some are not. Hang in there.
    Good luck to all ttc this month and lots of july BFPs(and any that sneak in b4 then)
    Filo x
  • Thanks sevans! xx

    Thanks filo, that's made me feel a little better too! I have hardly any cm at the moment, and I know it dries up before af....but...there's still that hope! xx
  • Thank you girls you all are sooo sweet I never feeling like I can't talk to anybody here so thank you so much image

    The only cm I keep getting and Mithical I am not sure if you are the same it like small gobs of yellow cm that stringy but think if you know what I mean not like ewcm?

    K xx
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