Free birthing programme,anyone watch it?!!

Did anyone watch the programme about free birthing on channel 5 last night?!! Just wondered what everyone's thoughts about having an unassisted birth were?
Personally i wouldn't do it,i think the 3 women featured were extremely lucky not to have had any problems while giving birth and afterwards.


  • Yes I watched it. I just dont think its worth the risk.

    Do you?
  • i watched it too, i really wouldnt take the risks, how would you know if something was wrong what would you do if something was wrong, ??????? i just cant see how you could enjoy the whole experience as i would be worried throughout, xx what about things like tearing? baby needing assistance to get out etc because you never know do you? xxx
  • exactly. That one even thought she had a low lying placenta and yet she still carried on with the unassisted birth
    I mean....................How stupid is that.

    Its hospital births for me. They can do what they want to me, as long as my baby and myself are safe!
  • Although i would like to have a home birth with my 2nd i probably would n't be able to as my little boy was born at 29 weeks! Even if i could i would want a midwife there,no doubt about it!
    I know they mentioned that years ago women didn't have the technology,but now we do why not use it? Can't really understand why you would want an unassisted birth,because like you say what if you tear or bleed,not a good position to be in if you ask me!
  • i think the ladies were very selfish. They only cared that they had the perfect birth not the baby. There are so many risks today we know about. I'm all for home birth when its controlled and safe, but these women were just irresponsible in my book!
    Filo x
  • totally agree filo xx
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