waiting is a bloody nightmare!!!

Hi girls im just having abit of a moan but dont you find the 2ww a flipping nightmare! Im always complaining that time goes to fast and now it feels like it as stood still.This month as dragged soooo much and we are only on our first proper month of ttc i really feel for you girls who have been on here monthsimage . come n the 27 th hurry up!!!!!!!!!!! image


  • Hi Mummy 2.5 i'm feeling exactly the same will test 27th too if af doesn't show by then. Experiencing a lot of pains and nausea but thinking its probably af showing me thats she's on her way.
  • Hi huni im the same but its just every now and then i get really bad af pains and sore (.)(.) not sure if its a sign or like you say af is on its wayimage but good luck for next week keep me updated and ill keep my fingers crossed for both of us!lol
    sending lots of babydust .x.
  • I know tell me about it! Good luck to you too hun and keep me updated also. xx
  • HI I am also testing on 27th. I am only 5dpo today as I ov late but I hate waiting, every twinge and ill feeling has me symptom spotting!
  • Im the same mrs mel .Good luck huni hope you get your bfp!! I really dont feel like we have done it this month and i can feel myself going on a real downer!image
  • me too.. i feel like i am just waiting for AF to show and I am only 5dpo x x x
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